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Dominican female World Champions: A force to be reckoned with.
by Gregory Evertsz
July 3, 2013

(JULY 3) Former GBU Bantamweight world champion and current IBF featherweight world champion, 28-year old, Dahianna "La Cobra" Santana, 32-6-0 (14KO), IBF Super Bantamweight world champion, 22-year old, Katti "Super Baby" Wilson, 18-1-0 (11KO), undefeated WBO Super Welterweight world champion and Welterweight title challenger, 18-year old Oxandia "La Loba" Castillo,12-0-2 (9KO), and WIBF Super Bantamweight world champion and Super Featherweight challenger, 29-year old Marilin Hernandez, 24-9-0 (15KO), 

Coming from Dominican Republic a country with a boxing scene that has been victimized with the plague of corruption because of the extreme levels of poverty and the limit lines of migration, these iron-willed women have said no to countless intents of bribery and taken fights with only days and sometimes hours of short notice and have overcome to beat some serious world champions and in turn become world champions themselves. And their talented too!

Dahianna Santana raises her hand in victory when she defeated Stacey Reile at the Texas Station Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  Photo:  Mary Ann Owen

Two-time world champion Dahianna Santana, a single mother, youth hockey instructor, Dominican Sports Ministry Chairwoman and newly business woman has come up from the extreme levels of poverty thanks in part to her dedication to boxing and her strong will.

Sampson Lewkowicz of Sampson Boxing posing with Cecilia Comunales

Under the guidance of Mr. Sampson Lewkowicz (Sampson Boxing), Dahianna has made featherweight her new home and became world champion for the second time in a good fight against the very strong Stacey Reile in November 2011. Since then Dahianna has successfully defended her title against the very feared challenger of her division Helen Joseph in what was a bloody war with both fighters inflicting wounds to each others faces and mutual knockdowns right from the start, and more recently out boxed the current IBF Super Featherweight world Champion and very experienced Argentinian Claudia Lopez who challenged Dahianna at the featherweight division. Dahianna now is out to challenge WBC, WBO and WBA world champions in her division.

Katti "Super Baby" Wilson

IBF Super Bantamweight world champion and police officer Katti Wilson has been boxing since the age of 7. She won all of her 101 amateur fights and was a highly decorated national Dominican boxer until the age of 14 when she turned pro. She has only one professional questionable and controversial lose to Ogleidis Suarez who never answered a rematch challenge, but that is boxing and you have to love it with all its lights and shadows.

Also under the guidance of Mr. Sampson Lewkowicz, Katti became world champion in March 2012 by beating a very experienced Puerto Rican Ada velez who is an admirable champion who has faced some very serious opposition. Since then Katti has defended against a solid Crystal Hoy and a hard-hitting Mexican Zenny Sotomayor.

There are talks of a possible defense with Melinda Cooper in the works and then maybe challenging veteran WBC world champion Alicia Ashley. The only thing limiting Katti Wilson right now from becoming a superstar is the wait time for a visa to migrate.

Oxandia Castillo weighing in before fighting Hanna Gabriel

WBO Super Welterweight world champion Oxandia Castillo is a knockout! Coming from one of the most poor and dangerous neighborhoods from east Santo Domingo she never got into the kind of trouble other kids would, instead she concentrated her hunger driven killer instinct with Alcibiades Familia the same trainer of 2008 olympic gold medalist Felix Diaz in the same humble gym with a concrete floor ring.

The undefeated "Black Wolf" became world champion on February 2013 in a fight she was dominating and walking down her opponent during 2 rounds until placing a beautiful right hand on the chin of superstar Hanna Gabriels 'and that's all she wrote'.

WIBF Super Bantamweight world champion is fearless warrior who has challenged and fought for world tittles six times, with the last time against Kina Malpartida with only days of notice when the original challenger Stacey Reile unexpectedly pulled out of the fight.

Marilin received the call and agreed to fight, and although she lost she was able to score a knockdown and gave Kina a hell of a fight.

This earned her a #8 position on the IBF Super Featherweight rankings and direct challenger to Stacey Reile, Cindy and Amanda Serrano and a possible elimination match for that IBF title. At Super Bantamweight she became WIBF world champion on December 2011 and is a respected figure from 122Lb - 130Lb.

Marisol Reyes

The bonus fighter in this story is police officer, teacher of deaf children, single mother of a deaf child and Sunday school minister Marisol Reyes.

Needless to say the size of her heart, indeed it is also a strong heart as she challenges Cecilia Comunales for the WBA lightweight world title on July 20th. She's a strong fighter who is hungry for a world title and this will be her first time fighting out of the island.

Dominican Republic has been controversial when it comes to boxing, but like any other place in the world that has bad, it also has some good. These world class fighters and other future stars like amateur fighter Yenebier Guillen and pro-prospect Christina Linardatou Duran are evidence to this, that who perseveres succeeds!

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