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The Best and the Worst of 2005!

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "hot"
picks and "not" picks for  the year 2005! There were definitely
the GOOD, the BAD, and the NOT so good this year 
in women's boxing! WBAN ran a survey for BOXING FANS to give them an opportunity to submit their picks!

WBAN dedicates this years awards in tribute to Rod MaHaffey who died in February of 2005. He covered women's boxing for years and was very dedicated to the sport.  Link


Chevelle Hallback

Fighter of the Year
Chevelle "Fists of Steel" Hallback  (United States)
This was one of the toughest picks of 2005.  Hallback edged others because she had gone into "unchartered" waters to fight women in their home turf or country.  Her biggest win this year was against Emiko Raika, of Japan, in which the fight took place in Japan. Hallback, is one of the most talented and technical boxers on the scene today.   HONORABLE MENTION:  Holly Holm, Jeannine Garside, Mary Jo Sanders, Eliza Olson, Alicia Ashley, Ina Menzer




Top Amateurs of the Year
Simona Galassi (Italy)
Flyweight/110 lbs/50 kg  
3-time world champion

Mary Kom (India)
Mangte Chungneijang Merykom
(aka: Mary Kom)

Pinweight/101 lbs/46 kg   
2-time world champion

Mary Spencer (Canada)
Welterweight/145 lbs/66 kg   
1-time world champion and AIBA World
Championships Best Boxer 2005

Honorable Mention:
Tatiana Chalaya (Chechnya)
Honorable Mention: Anna Laurell (Sweden)




Miriam Lamare 

Regina Halmich

Top European Fighters (tied)
Miriam Lamare  (France)
Regina Halmich (Germany)

Honorable Mention: Nathalie Toro, Ina Menzer





Jeannine Garside

Highest Achievements of the year
Jeannine Garside  (Canada)
Garside, 4-0-0, and who defeated tough veteran Lisa "Bad News" Brown, winning the WIBA World Junior Featherweight title, is a "Fearless" boxer.  Garside came into the sport with a 45 plus amateur background, and is quickly gaining popularity in the sport today.  In the short time of her becoming pro she has already reached #1 in WBAN's ratings.




Mary Kom


Most Inspirational Boxer of the Year
Mangte Chungneijang Merykom (aka: Mary Kom)
of India, has worked for years to become of one of the best amateur boxers in the sport today.  She is a two-time Amateur World Champion.  Kom earned her success in the hardest conditions, without the best of equipment and trainers, but due to her tenacity and perseverance to be the best—she overcame those obstacles.  In time she went on to win two gold and one silver medals at the World Boxing Championships.  Kom made history of Manipur sports as being the first ethnic from Manipur to win a gold medal at the international level.  Honorable Mention: Stephanie Dobbs, Jessica Rakoczy, Layla McCarter



Holly Holm

Hottest Rising Star in the Sport
Holly Holm  (United States)
Hot, HOT , HOT, the only way to describe Holm who has taken the sport by storm.  Holm defeated Christy "The Coal Miner's Daughter" Martin and Mia "The Knockout" St. John in back to back fights in 2005.  Holm is in absolutely superb physical condition, and was also a 2005 "honorable mentioned" for Fighter of the year.  Honorable Mention: Jeannine Garside




Sumya Anani

The Most (Avoided) Opponent
Sumya "Island Girl" Anani  (United States)
Lets face it---NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT SUMYA ANANI.  She is The "Most Feared" Welterweight/Jr. Welterweight in the sport today.  This of course has been extremely frustrating for Anani, when by all rights should be fighting women in her weight class and able to get on cards.  Anani has been graced with this "unfortunate" but "top honor" award two years in a row!




Biggest Upsets of the Year!
Holly Holm Defeats Christy Martin
10 rounds - Non-Title bout (United States)
Links: Holly Holm  Christy Martin  

Jeannine Garside Defeats Lisa Brown
10 rounds - WIBA World Title bout (Edmonton, Canada)
Jeannine Garside  Lisa Brown

Anne Sophie Mathis Stops Nathalie Toro
10 round bout- Toro defending her Jr. Welterweight
EBU title. (Dombasle, France)
Anne-Sophie Mathis   Nathalie Toro

©Photos by Mary Ann Owen - All Rights Reserved.



Toughest of the Year
Layla McCarter  (United States)
WBAN does not know many boxers who would have hung in a fight, fighting one handed, as the other hand was broken.   McCarter even managed to win the last round fighting one sided!  After the fight she had to take time off to recover from this injury, that included surgery to repair it.  (Not recommended by the way---but she did qualify as the toughest for sticking it out!)
Link:  Layla McCarter




Eliza Olson Laura Ramsey Stephanie Dobbs Chevelle Hallback Alicia Ashley 

The "Road Warriors" of 2005
Eliza Olson, Alicia Ashley, Laura Ramsey, Stephanie Dobbs, and Chevelle Hallback all earned the top "Road Warriors" of the sport in 2005.  Many of these boxers' fights were in other opponents "backyard", and in some of those fights it didn't stop them from winning!


Stephanie Dobbs

THE BUSIEST Boxer of the Year 2005
Stephanie "All Action" Dobbs  (United States)
If there is ANY boxer in this sport that fits her ring name any more appropriately--it is Dobbs! She has fought 11 times this year, and she has "no fear" of fighting in other fighters hometowns and/or countries.  Of course, typically of the "warriors" of the sport, they have very misleading records, due to the fact that if they do not literally KO their opponent--they will surely lose by the standard "controversial" decision.




Susianna Kentikian


Rookie of the Year
Susianna Kentikian (Armenia) Lives in Germany
Susianna had her pro debut on 15th January 2005 at the age of 17. She has accomplished an impressive record of 9-0-0 (7 KO's) in her first year as a pro. Her eighth fight was against Svetla Taskova, who has been in two title fights with Regina Halmich. Taskova took the world champion all the way in their first bout and was stopped in the sixth round in their second encounter. Kentikian stopped Taskova in the second round in October of this year. She learned her boxing skills in the amateur ring, where she fought 25 bouts, winning 24 of them. Her amateur career was crowned with a German International Championship Title in September, 2004.

Honorable Mention: Tricia Turton (United States)




Elena Reid

Boxer who took on "ALL" tough opponents in the year 2005
Elena "Baby Doll" Reid (United States)
Elena Reid took on very tough competition in 2005, that began with her stopping Lakeysha Williams, she then took on the very “slick” boxer, Alicia Ashley. She then fought Stephanie Dobbs, and fought Regina Halmich in Germany twice in one year! Honorable Mention: Belinda Laracuente




Anastassia Toukalova

Biggest Comeback
Anastasia Toktaulova (Moscow, Russia)
After a two-year layoff from the sport, Anastasia had a very big comeback, when she fought a world title fight from that comeback,  defeating Hungarian Viktoria Milo, 107 ¼, in a 10-round title bout for the vacant WIBF junior flyweight title.




Biggest Hype Personalities of the Year
Hillary Swank and Clint Eastwood
Was there anymore "Hype" than "Million Dollar Baby", and the attention Swank received when she got into superior shape, taking her part seriously by training with the female boxers? 




Ina Menzer


Alesia Graf

Shelley Burton

Most Improved
of the Year

Ina Menzer (Germany)
Alesia-Tamara Graf(Germany)
Shadina Pennybaker (USA)
Shelley Burton (USA)

Honorable Mention: Missy Fiorentino




Eliza Olson

Best-Kept Secret in
Women's Boxing
Eliza Olson (United States)

©Copyrighted photo by J & P Photography



Biggest Knockout of the Year
Laetitia Robinson vs. Monica Nunez
On February 11, 2005, Leatitia "Baby Girl" Robinson dropped Monica Nunez with the first left hook she landed. It was right on the button and left the Dominican fighter immobile.




Top Fights for the Year

Eliza Olson vs. Jessica Rakoczy
Missy Fiorentino vs. Esther Shouten
Jackie Chavez vs. Audrey Vela
Regina Halmich vs. Maria Jose Rosa



Best Quotes/Comments of the Year
Bert Sugar - Hall of Fame boxing writer
"Another black eye? Boxing ran out of black eyes in 1910."

Alicia Ashley - World Champion
 "I'm a boxer. I never go into a fight thinking I'm going to stop someone.  I know people don't like to see boxers, but that's what I am."

Bill Whaley
Choice for Fighter of the year: Hillary Swank
"I know this choice sounds pretty silly but I have not been overly impressed with the match-ups this year or the overall showing of "heart" among fighters or their camps willingness to put fighters to the true challenge. The most deserving fighters and top contenders continue to lose out to the promoters girls and the sanctioning organizations are only about the money. In my opinion all of the existing sanctioning bodies are total B.S.. I hope 2006 really brings some changes is those areas. Anyway, Swank, this year did more, through her preparation and training than Mia, Christy, Laila or any other fighter out there, IMO. Her performance brought more attention to female boxing this year than any other."


The "NOT SO HOT" In Women's
Boxing For the Year 2005!


Craziest Stoppage of the Year
The date was March 26, 2005, the venue, Kansas City, Missouri. Stephanie Dobbs, 108, was fighting Mary Ortega, 110.  In the second round the fight was prematurely stopped, after Stephanie was hit with about three unanswered punches.  Referee Danny Campbell jumped in to a chorus of boos. When Team Dobbs asked him after the fight why he had stopped the fight, Campbell said to them,  that because of the Katie Dallam thing and all the bad press about it lately, we don't want to take any chances with womens' fights.'   He went on to say that if the fight were 'anywhere but Kansas City, I wouldn't have stopped it.'  But when it came to a the main event that was a men's bout on the same card, Campbell treated it totally different. One male boxer  was knocked down three times in the first round before he finally stopped it. 


The "If Only" Boxing Event
The date was February 11, 2005. The venue, Atlanta, Georgia, and on ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights".   There were two women's bouts, and both were "world title fights" on the card.  The card would have been so different  "IF ONLY", they had not had Laila "She Bee Stingin" Ali fighting Cassandra Geiggar (Ouch); and they would not have had Leatitia "Baby Girl"  Robinson fighting Monica Nunez (Double Ouch).  "IF ONLY" Ali had fought Robinson---AND Geiggar had fought Nunez, this card would have been SO different.  BUT because Geiggar was not in the same skill level as Ali, she was stopped in the eighth round.  Nunez not the skill level of Robinson---was KO"d in the opening seconds of the first round----- "IF ONLY".......

Biggest Rip Off of the Year
Yvonne Caples Vs.  Ria Ramnarine
(Bout took place in Trinidad)


The date was May 27, 2005, the venue at the Jean Pierre Sports Complex, in Trinidad. Ria Ramnarine, 104.5, of Trinidad, won the WIBA Mini-Flyweight World title when she defeated Yvonne Caples, 104.5, of the United States, with a 10-round split decision. Ramnarine went down in the second round.  BUT even the local folks thought that Caples won this bout with no problems.  In the Trinidad Express,  a local news source in Trinidad, they wrote the following (excerpt), "Show the entire fight on television, and let the whole of Trinidad and Tobago judge for themselves." That was the response of Tansley Thompson, a local boxing promoter, manager of Commonwealth Games silver medalist Kertson Manswell and former close associate of ex-World Boxing Association (WBA) light-heavyweight champion Leslie "Tiger" Stewart. Thompson was commenting on what many considered a 'home-cooked' decision that landed Trinidad and Tobago's Ria Ramnarine the Women's International Boxing Association (WIBA) mini-flyweight (105 lbs). Like Thompson, many in the local boxing fraternity felt Caples had won by a landslide. Going into the final round, 26-year-old Ramnarine appeared to need a knockout to win, after she was picked apart by a quicker, technically superior southpaw, who landed the cleaner, heavier blows throughout the ten-round affair. Ramnarine was on the deck in the second round from a flash knockdown when Caples landed a clean left counter flush on her jaw after the T&T fighter had lunged in and missed with the right.  Following the ten-round world title duel, the Express spoke to several persons, including local fighters, promoters, two prominent local coaches and boxing officials, and they were unanimous in their disgust at the outcome. Joining the fray was controversial promoter Buxo Potts who also felt Caples had clearly won.


The Most Outrageous!
Prisoner Nog Nai Siriporn of Thailand FIRST fought for a (WBC) World title bout, when she had never had a professional boxing bout.  But what makes this the MOST OUTRAGEOUS is that she was told that IF SHE WON, she could get out of Prison sooner---WBAN has never heard of anything any more outrageous than gauging a boxing match with a person's freedom!  Link to full story

Two-Round Women's boxing Bout---We actually had a commissioner, Aaron Davis, who apparently thought that women only fight two rounds! The fight took place in Topeka, Kansas, where two women boxers were fighting a four-rounder. When the fighters were coming out for the third round, the Commissioner and Ref stopped the fight---because they thought it was over. What was MORE outrageous, was that the fighters left the ring, took their wraps and equipment off, and when the nimrods figured out the Blooper they created---they actually tried to get the boxers to re-enter the ring!  Luckily the fight was ultimately called a “no contest.” This information was confirmed with the ABC Commission. Full Story  

For ALL of the Most Outrageous for 2005 - Go Here


The "I can only Beat 'Zero' Boxers" 
Boxer of the year
Patricia Quirico (Argentina)
Talk about a cock-eyed boxing record!  She is presently 9-3 with a whooping 8KO’s to her record.  This is where you KNOW boxing records mean absolutely ZERO in this sport --- and I mean LITERALLY in Quirico's case!   Check this out….7/22/05 she KO”d Mayra Dos Santos, 0-0-0, 03/05/05, TKO3 Carina De Souza, 0-0-0, 12/11/04, she KO’d Teresa Rodriguez, 0-0-0,  08/06/04 she LOST to Liliane Balles, 0-0-0; 05/08/04 TKO7 over Joselyn Da Silva, 0-0-0, 05/01/04 UD Adriana Carolina, 0-0-0; 04/10/04 TKO2 over Deusa Rodriguez, 0-0-0 (Title bout); 12/06/03 TKO5 over Rosillette Dos Santos (rematch), 0-1-0; 07/25/03 KO4 over Rosillette Dos Santos, 0-0-0.  Any fights that she had where her opponent had ANY wins—Quirico lost the fight! And with this amazingly disgraceful boxing record history, Quirico has managed to fight in three title matches. (WBAN of course invites anyone to provide additional fight records on these boxers--and we took our stats off of boxrec.com.)


The "I want to fight a Male" Award
Ann "Brown Sugar" Wolfe
(She and her team/promotions wanted it...Don't think too many others were too enthused about this "NON-HISTORICAL" mixed match....)


"Bad Girl Boxer" of the Year
Dávila Miura Ferreira
Severino Riveros, former Paraguayan amateur champion, latterly active as both a promoter and trainer in Sao Paulo where he has lived for the last 15 years, had been shot dead allegedly by one of his pupils, 23-year-old Dávila Miura Ferreira, with whom he was romantically linked.


"The Dirty Fighter" Award
Zarrika Fatuma (Kenya)
Zarrika Fatuma had done her little deed against Frida Wallberg, when Wallberg fought Fatuma in a 10-round WIBF Intercontinental bout last night, and took a “bite” from the Tyson-like boxer, Fatuma. Apparently Fatuma, getting frustrated in the match, tried to take a chunk out of Wallberg’s collarbone.


"The Please Stop now" Award
Valerie Rangeard
Brenda Bell Drexel
Willicia Moorehead


Top Mismatches of the Year
oo many to list.  And that is sad to say...


Biggest Disappointments of the Year

Seeing Women Boxers earn a WORLD TITLE BELT by fighting unranked boxers, inferior opponents, bums, no win boxers, and even pro debuters;  Seeing Women Boxers who hold world titles,  fight a title bout, and then the next fight, fight a pro debuter, inferior opponents with no wins, and tomato cans; Seeing Women Boxers only fight in their "home advantage" area---to the point that when they are offered other fights in other venues, they or their team turn down the fight.

Also....Bad Decisions!  Especially for boxers who fight outside of their country.  The decisions are sometimes outright disgraceful the way some of these women are ripped off.

Lastly....the biggest money fight for women's boxing "Million Dollar Lady" getting cancelled due to Lucia Rijker sustaining an injury before the fight. Boxing fans thought "finally" these two would meet in the ring after years and years of trash talk--sometimes things are just not in the cards....


NOTE:  WBAN would like to thank the boxing fans and the WBAN writers and contributors who all gave valuable input to the 2005 Yearly Awards!  We appreciate the time that everyone took to send in their picks and their comments.  

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