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The Best and the Worst of 2010

Another year has gone by and it is time to have the "hot"
picks and "not" picks for  the year 2010! There were definitely
the GOOD, the BAD, and the NOT so good this year 
in women's boxing!


Fighter of the year
Holly Holm
[Biography on Holm]

This year Holly Holm had three fights with three top ranked boxers, and won all three in world title bouts.  Earlier this year, WBAN ran a Boxing Poll and let the Boxing Community pick their top female boxers this year, and Holm won overwhelmingly in that vote as the top female boxer in the world. Also,  Holm remained #1 on the WBAN ratings throughout the year. In additions, Holm made a "History First" when winning a second WBAN World Title belt this year. 

Most Accomplished
of the Year
Jeannine Garside
[Biography of Garside]

At the beginning of the year---Garside came into our independent WBAN ratings at #7. In 2010, Garside went all the way up to WBAN's #1 ranking when she had one of the biggest fights and wins of the year when she went to Germany and took three of Ina Menzer's belts back home to Canada, defeating Menzer by a 10-round unanimous decision!   Garside also stopped Lindsay Garbatt with an impressive TKO for a world title belt.

Top European Fighter of the Year
Cecilia Braekhus
[Biography of Braekhus]

Welterweight Cecilia Braekhus is ranked #1 with WBAN as a welterweight. She had three title fights this year, which she won all three fighting for multiple titles.  When we ran our latest survey for top European Fighter of the year---Braekhus received the most votes. 

Top Amateur Boxer
 of the Year
Katie Taylor
[Biography of Katie Taylor]

Katie Taylor of Ireland just continues impress!  She has been our Fighter of the Month on different occasions, and has been our yearly pick "many times now" for Amateur of the year.  Taylor has been named WBAN's Top Amateur of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2009, and now 2010!    This is definitely a "History First" for WBAN to have one amateur picked for four years as the top amateur.


Most Inspirational
Boxer(s) of the Year
Victoria Cisneros

Victoria Cisneros is truly one the "Most Inspirational" who we have had the pleasure to meet in the sport. Cisneros is a "Warrior".  She does not care who she fights, when she fights----Cisneros is always ready.  Cisneros has fought the best, and she boxes because she LOVES it---pure and simple.  No, Cisneros does not have a great record---but WBAN will tell you one thing---this girl can fight. 

Most Inspirational
Boxer(s) of the Year
Shondell Alfred

AS we say often in this sport----You have come a long way Baby!  Shondell Alfred, of Guyana, grew up in the depressed community of Albouystown where she took to athletics and later karate while in school. Alfred's father Cecil and uncle Morris had been amateur boxers but she says she began boxing as a pastime before encouragement from her family and friends turned her hobby into a career.  Alfred has been boxing for eleven years, and has accumulated a 13-5-0 (4KO) record, and is currently a WIBA World Bantamweight champion. She  stopped Corrine Van Ryck De Groot this year which in itself was quite a feat. Shondell said after the fight, “I hope my victory is seen as a boost for women in Guyana for I see myself as their ambassador and will always strive to be a good role model to young women in sport,”   Alfred is definitely one of the most inspirational boxers this year!

Hottest Rising Star in
of the year 2010
Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West

22-year-old Kaliesha "Wild Wild" West, 13-1-2 (4KO) is WBAN's TOP pick for the  "Hottest Rising Star of the Year".  This fighter has it all!  She can box, she is a world champion, she has taken on some of the top opponents in her early boxing career...and to put it simple,  West has the "It" factor.  Be on the lookout for this fighter!  Sue TL Fox


"Most Entertaining" Boxer
of the year 2010
Melissa "Huracan" Hernandez

Melissa "Huracan" Hernandez is not only one of the very top women boxers in the sport---but she is one of the most entertaining, and yes,  sometimes the "Most Outrageous" female boxers in the sport.  She is a "Bad Girl" as I call her anytime I see her at the fights---but she never fails to "entertain".   And did I mention this girl can "fight"?  She is not very tall, but she is full of punch, and any boxer who dares to go into the ring with her better be in the best of shape!


Road Warrior of 2010
Chevelle "Fist of Steel" Hallback

How does one even BEGIN to describe what Chevelle "Fists of Steel" Hallback, 28-6-2 (11 KOs),  has done in this sport---she really qualifies for many of 2010's picks.  Hallback is our top pick for  Road Warrior in 2010, with taking her last seven fights in other areas of the country.  It is truly amazing what this multi-world champion (including being our WBAN world champion) has accomplished.  Hallback has been a professional boxer for a whooping 13 years! 

WBAN "Top Honors"
 of the Year
Jennifer "The Razor" Barber

Jennifer "The Razor" Barber has done everything right in this sport.  She fought extensively in the amateurs before turning pro.   Barber is 10-1- (4KO) as a pro, and this year in one of her most impressive and difficult areas to pull off a win, she went to South Korea, and took back the IFBA world title belt from the defending champion.  She is not only one of the most technical boxers on the scene but she is truly a role model for other women boxers outside the ring.

Highest Achievements
 of the year 20
Ana Maria Torres

30-year old Ana Maria Torres, of Mexico City, Mexico, has been boxing for 11 years!  She began her long boxing career on July 3, 1999, when she fought Mariana Juarez.  Torres has accumulated an impressive boxing record of 23-3-2 (14KO), and has earned in her career the WBC Junior Bantamweight world title, and the Mexican Bantamweight title. She has fought MANY of the female boxers who are the heavy artillery in the sport---with an impressive 2010, where she stopped Hollie Dunaway and defeated Alesia Graf by a 10-round unanimous decision. 

Best-Kept Secret in
Women's Boxing
Lindsay "Lethal" Garbatt

Canadian Lindsay Garbatt, 6-3-1 (3KO), 28 years old, is our top pick for  "Best-Kept Secret" in 2010.  Garbatt is not only one of the best fighters we have seen in the sport---but her fights are nothing less than fantastic.  She has no problem in taking on the likes of Jeannine Garside and Melissa Hernandez (twice).  She is highly skilled, tough, exciting to watch in the ring--and boxing fans who do not know her yet---when they see her fight, they will not forget her!

Top Female Boxer
Missing in Action
Vanessa Juarez

So...What DID Happen to Vanessa Juarez?  WBAN could not take it anymore about where Juarez had gone and we contacted her mother, Raquel Juarez. We found out through this inquiry that  Vanessa had dropped out of boxing to help Raquel, through Raquel's struggle with cancer.  Raquel told WBAN, "When I started fighting cancer, Vanessa stopped boxing to help me get through my surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. It was 1 1/2 years of pure hell, traveling back and forth to Houston, Texas, for treatment. Vanessa put her career on hold to help with me. Vanessa is planning to return to boxing, and get in the gym. She misses the sport. "  [Full Story]

Top Five Fights of the Year
Melissa Hernandez vs. Lindsay Garbatt II
Jeannine Garside vs. Ina Menzer
Rhonda Luna vs. Ela Nunez
Victoria Cisneros vs. Melissa Hernandez
Ada Velez vs. Stacey Reile

There are so many great fights that took place in 2010---but these were some of the top fights that WBAN viewed and or they were recommended by others. 

The Most "Painful" Fight to Watch of the Year!
Kim Ju-Hee vs. Jujeath Nagawa

This fight that took place in South Korea, HAD to be one of the MOST painful female fights to watch.  WBAN had posted the video of this fight between Kim Ju-Hee  vs. Jujeath Nagawa. After Ju-Hee appeared to take quite a beating to her face---she was declared the winner!   Full Video of Fight   

Special Tribute of the Year
Christy Martin

Long time veteran Christy Martin was shot and stabbed in November of 2010.  WBAN would like to give a special Tribute to Martin, hoping that she makes a 100% recovery from her devastating injuries. 


The "NOT SO GOOD" In the sport for 2010!


The "Don't Get It" Award
Angel McKenzie vs.
Jessica Balogun for a Title?

On June 4, 2010, there was a 10-round title bout between Angel McKenzie, 4-22-0 (0 KOs),  vs. Jessica Balogun---the only thing WBAN does not get is WHY would McKenzie be fighting for any title when she lost five of her last six professional bouts?

"Crazy Title Fight" Award
Zulina Munoz, 25-1-2 fighting pro debuter Patricia Ordonez for Title!

This fight qualifies for the craziest title fight of the year because it makes "zero" sense to even ever have taken place!  The fight happened in December 2010, in  Guanajuato, Mexico, and Zulina Munoz, 25-1-2 (19KO), fought pro debuter Patricia Ordonez who were fighting each other for a WBC "Youth" bantamweight title.  Patricia Ordonez [Boxrec record], completely unknown to WBAN,  FightFax, and apparently to BoxRec who has her listed as a pro debuter going into the fight.  Ordonez lasted a whole 1:34 seconds in the fight---surprise...surprise....  The silliest or craziest thing about this match, besides the obvious mismatching of the two is that these women who are 23 years old and are adults by any sense of the word were fighting for a "Youth" title! The WBC responded to WBAN's request for more information and we were told by Rex Walker who is apparently the one who is involved in this part of the WBC, told us that he was "informed" that Ordonez was 10-2----and that her record would be updated by Mexico City contacting BoxRec...well folks as you can see on Boxrec, there has been no such update.   WBAN contacted the Official Boxing Record keeper of the sport "FightFax" and they had nothing on this fighter Ordonez---and WBAN has no information on Ordonez on our computerized fight results database.

Crazy Stories in 2010
Vitali Klitschko Talks About how female boxing "Sickens" him! 
(Excuse us Vitali, and THIS photo of you is not Sickening?  It looks like someone took your eye out with an ice pick!)

In the Edmonton Journal they published an article in 2010 with an "Opinion of World heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in regards to female boxing.  Vitali said the following, "[Vitali] admitted on Sunday he is against women boxing at the Olympics, claiming the spectacle makes him sick.  The International Olympic Committee announced last August that women's boxing will be included on the list of events for London in 2012, but Klitschko said he will not be watching.  "This sport is appropriate for men, but not for women," the Ukrainian told Die Welt newspaper.  "I hope that women will not take it badly, perhaps I am old or conservative, but I consider there are sports much more beautiful for women than boxing," he added.  "When I see two women face to face in a boxing ring, it makes me feel nausea. I am not really a fan female boxing."  ©Copyrighted photo: mimg.ugo.com

Crazy Stories in 2010
Boxing Event KO'd by Vending Machines
Full Details

Just when you think you have heard it all, a story comes along that will just be another nail in the coffin when promoters try to put on a boxing event.  While the citizens of Framingham, Massachusetts, were eagerly scooping up tickets to see hometown son Danny O'Connor's fistic Homecoming, the town's Board of Selectmen did not share their enthusiasm -- thus forcing the entire show's cancellation.  "The Homecoming", scheduled for Friday, November 19, 2010,  and promoted by Warriors Boxing, was to have featured undefeated super lightweight prospect and Framingham native Danny O'Connor (13-0, 3 KOs) in a experience-building test against solid Mexican veteran Humberto Tapia. According to their web site, the Framingham Board of Selectmen is the policy-making body of the town and also acts as the licensing authority for various licenses such as Alcohol and Common Victualer. Warriors Boxing President, Leon Margules, explains the bizarre bureaucracy he faced.   "When I first began arranging this event, representations were made to me by town officials that I would be able to sell stadium-type food and could get a temporary liquor license. They said we had to go in front of this board, but that it would be approved because everybody likes Danny and they want boxing. Based on that, I sent them money, bought airline tickets, got a promoter's license and contracted fighters. Tickets were on sale and selling very well. On my behalf, Danny himself attended the 'routine' hearing in front of the board for a liquor license for the event. The police chief said he didn't like the idea of beer and wine being sold and it got rejected. But, they said just sell more hotdogs to make up for it, so I said fine, I'll go ahead without any alcohol sales. But then they had another meeting and informed me they also won't approve  concessions and that if people want to eat they can use the vending machines.


Poorly matched World Title Bouts
Too Many to list....Continuing Saga in the sport---every year!

Every year we hope----Every year we are disappointed.  We continue to see federations do some crazy things with the women that fight for their titles.  We  have ALL kinds of titles, and some of the Federations we don't even recognize on some of these cards.  We see winless boxers fighting for titles, non-ranked boxers with any federation fighting for titles----it is sad that we have no real monitoring of these bogus fights and the federations get a way with this. In the year 2010,  we even had eight-round world title fights.....WBAN hopes that the federations in 2011 do not have any more eight round world title fights---they need to stop "bending" the rules....Sue TL Fox 

 More on 2010, "It's a Rap!

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