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Bridgett Riley
Yvonne Trevino

IFBA Bantamweight Title
 February 15, 1998
ESPN TV fight report
for Women's Boxing Page
by Chuck McAllister


Yvonne Trevino


Bridgett Riley




 5'6"  Height 5'4"
112  Weight 118
 69"   Reach  64"

Records after this match

W -L- D (KO)    W -L- D (KO) 
7 -2 -1  (5)   5-2-0 (1)

Bridgett Riley took an unanimous ten round decision over Yvonne Trevino to win Trevino's IFBA Bantamweight Championship. In a hard fought, closely scored match, Riley the number one contender came on in the late rounds to get the decision.

Trevino was in the blue corner. She wore a dark metallic green outfit with close fitting shorts and a dog collar top. It did not appear that she was wearing a protective belt.

Riley in the red corner wore a blue outfit. The trunks were fringed with a non-fringed dog collar top.

These old rivals renewed their competition. Riley extended her edge over Trevino by winning this second meeting as professional boxers. Riley had won a close six round decision, in her pro debut, December 1994, against Trevino. Previous to that, they had met as pro kick boxers. Riley won two out three of those meetings. They are not strangers to each other, with Riley dealing with Trevino's southpaw style.

Trevino is expected to exploit her reach advantage, although she didn't, in her last outing, while winning a decision against Suzanne Riccio-Major, 196 days before. Trevino didn't seem sharp in that fight. She seemed to over reach with her left, getting off balance.

Riley likes to move straight in. She has an excellent left hook, that is regarded as a potent weapon against a left hander. Its expected she will try to move left, to exploit the hook punch. She needs to guard against occasionally keeping her head up, making her susceptible to Trevino's right hook.

"Styles make fights", per one Angelo Dundee.

This one shows promise!

Round 1

Both fighters well out of their corners waited for the opening bell. They closed like a shot. Trevino circles right, lands a long right jab and a straight left snapping Riley's head back. She follows with a sweeping left, to the side of the head, hurting Riley. Riley staggers back a few steps. Trevino extended on her follow through, recovers balance, to spring to get to her stunned foe.

Riley recovers to set up and raise her gloves. Trevino rushes in using her hands to push Riley toward the ropes. Trevino throws a big left. Riley ducks under the punch coming forward, getting tied up by Trevino. Trevino's right hand pushes Riley away, causing Riley's left hook short of the mark, as the ref steps in.

At distance, Trevino jabs and moves right. A second hard jab misses over the top and Riley bobs up landing a solid right hook to the head, sending Trevino backwards. Trevino lands a jab. Riley scores a short right, to the head. Trevino jabs again and follows with sweeping left, again high over a leaned forward Riley's head. As Riley straightens up, Trevino pushes her back and uses a measuring right jab and throws a hard left, Riley ducking it. Riley plants a left and right hook to the body and curls another left hook behind Trevino's head. They go into a clinch. Trevino bulls Riley back into the ropes, where they battle in close. Trevino's hands are flashing out wide on Riley. Riley bounces back and forth off the ropes and pushes Trevino off, who brings a right uppercut, to the body. Riley uses both gloves to shove Trevino away and escapes to the right. There is still 1:27 left in the first round.

Trevino stays on top of Riley, throwing a continuous barrage of lefts and rights. Riley returns a left hook catching Trevino flush in the face and her right hook lands, to the shoulder. Trevino gets both gloves on Riley's shoulders and puts her head down, driving Riley against the ropes. Trevino leans back for punching room and round houses lefts and rights in on Riley. Riley with her gloves high in a peek a boo stance, pushes back with her shoulder. They separate slightly, with each continuing to punch, coming together with their heads on the other's right shoulder. After neither gained an advantage they separate and move away from the ropes. About a 1:03 is left in the round.

Trevino hustles with long steps to circle right and toward ring center. Trevino throws a right left combination, then repeats it. Riley answers with a red hook lead, landing high to the right side. They separate just out of range, for a brief breather. Trevino sways her upper body left and right in a slow windshield wiper motion. Riley with hands high rocks forward and back. They exchange jabs, Trevino missing high and Riley short. Trevino in a rush pushes Riley to the ropes, then pushes off for punching room, throwing a combination to the body. Riley absorbs it on her forearms. Riley digs a right hook to the ribs, moving to her right, to get off the ropes.

Trevino circles right and flicks a jab to the head. Riley steps up misses a left right combination, taking another jab from the circling Trevino. Trevino moves to close range, each head to shoulder and digging on the inside. Trevino uses a shoulder to push Riley to the ropes, yet again. Her right jab becomes a straight arm, before starting to flail outside in rights and lefts on Riley. Riley is crouched forward gloves up, using legs to push against Trevino. Seeing her chance when Trevino leans back, to punch, Riley lands a solid left hook to the head. They in-fight for the few remaining seconds of the round.

Round 2

The fighters are off their stools awaiting the bell and rush to meet. Trevino scoots to her right and moves in on Riley. They stay in close infighting. Trevino stays especially busy throwing punches in bunches left and right. Riley with room, is bobbing, weaving and levering her upper body back and forth, while digging short punches in return. At about the halfway point in the round, Trevino moves off circling, to throw and land a right left combination. Riley's return is short. Trevino keeps moving and repeats and lands the right left combination three more times, with no response from Riley. With about 30 seconds left in the round, Trevino moves in closing the widest distance between the fighters, during a round. They fight on the inside close to the ropes. With punching room they stand toe to toe, landing alternately to each others body and head. Trevino's straight punches are more numerous, but don't seem strong. Riley during the exchange bobs up twice, after a sweeping left sails high, to tag Trevino to the head with a hard hook. The bell ends the lock up.

Round 3

As the fighters meet in mid-ring, Riley stutters a step in. Trevino circles right peppering her right jab at Riley and mixing in right left combinations. Riley stays in close contact springing in to throw her own combinations. Trevino is again staying busy. Riley seems to be timing Trevino's actions and landing some good counters, as she becomes active, throwing almost as many punches as Trevino. They go into a clinch near the ropes and surprisingly break quickly, at about the halfway point in the round. They immediately come back together throwing and taking heavy body shots, before tying each other up. On the break, the ref tells Trevino something about not holding her gloves, making a motion with his hands separated and palms facing in.

Trevino greets Riley with a jab followed by a straight left landing well. Riley answers with her own two punch combination landing. They step in to each other and spend the last 30 seconds in close again pounding to the other's midsection.

Round 4

They start the round jabbing in the center of the ring each fighter landing a few. They step things up by each mixing in some two punch combination, that land lightly. Its the type of cautionary feeling out action, of a typical first round. It doesn't last long. Trevino moves right and stabs a solid jab on Riley, followed by a long straight left. Riley's overhand right counter to the head repays Trevino.

Trevino again steps up moving right and begins to work the jab. Several times, the jab glances off Riley's head at the end of her reach. Seemingly being satisfied with the range, Trevino follows her right jab with a straight left to the head and almost immediately repeats the combination. They close and tie up and immediately break, with about half the round gone. Trevino repeats the game, landing a long jab, but doesn't follow as Riley feints with both hands and a quick step. Trevino's circling right halts Riley, who is hit again by the jab straight left combination. Riley lunges forward to land a hard left hook to the head, before Trevino can side step. Getting some separation, they pause momentarily. Trevino weaves in her side to side snake charmer's movement, then snaps off a few jabs. Riley slips a jab moving in and lands a solid right hook to the head. Trevino circles and they exchange jabs countering each other, as the round ends.

Round 5

They start at long range. Trevino continues moving right throwing a jab, following with a right left combination. She repeats the action four or more times with impunity, as Riley's returns are short of the mark. Though numerous, Trevino's punches seem light and she is missing more than she lands. With Riley near the ropes, Trevino comes in with a body attack, looping punches left and right, at a steady clip. Riley seems to be in a Rope a Dope mode bouncing off ropes, with gloves high and elbows out front. Riley retaliates in bursts, finding the head with digging hooks. The barrage continues and Riley seems hurt as several punches found gaps in her defense. Riley fights back with short sharp punches. Trevino weathers the return and is intent on keeping Riley pinned to the ropes. Trevino finds space and sends leather flying in on Riley. Riley finds the door and comes off the ropes to her right.

Trevino stays close. Leaning in, she pushes Riley back to the ropes and goes into a non-stop punching flurry. The ref cautions Trevino to be careful about using her forearm to push against the forehead. He doesn't break them as they continue to in-fight. Trevino gets off an eight to ten punch burst, then leans heavily, as Riley pushes back hard to get off the ropes. The ref breaks and steps between telling Trevino to stop using her shoulder to hold Riley in place.

They exchange jabs in the center of the ring. Trevino lands numerous clean blows to the head, from distance. Riley misses a combination short. Trevino uses her reach to double up with her jab and a straight left to the head, as the bell sounds.

Round 6

Trevino circles right, going to single jabs. Satisfied with the distance she goes to landing right left combinations. Riley springs in and is short with her own left right combination. Trevino circles forcing Riley out of her set stance, to follow. Trevino leads with a jab and a left. Riley is short with the left. Trevino's counter lands. Riley in and lands a combination, as Trevino moves off, landing jabs. The ref calls time with 1:26 left and sends Trevino to her corner to get her forgotten mouthpiece.

They meet in center and return to the round's original script with Trevino circling and jabbing. Riley lunges in to land a one two combination. Trevino steps away and scores with a jab. Riley again moves fast, to get close and land another combination. Trevino jabs then uses glove on forehead, for leverage to push away. Then circling stopping Riley, she moves in head to head and they go to inside fighting in ring center. Trevino leans back for room. Riley use chance to fire a hard left then right hook missing short on leaned back target. They go head to head, while swinging to the each other's body, landing heavily, to both sides. They back off. Trevino reacts quickly to circle right and jabs. Riley's return jab is short. Trevino lands jab, then misses a jab. Riley counters a short overhand right to the head. Trevino backs to right and jabs. Riley moves fast and counters a left hook over the top, to the forehead. Trevino goes into gear firing punches. Her short jabs score, but she is looping her left and is slow to pull it back. Riley lands left hook to the head, then snaps a right hook, to the head beating Trevino's left. Trevino moves to lean on Riley, who slams short rights to the body at the bell.

Round 7

Trevino established distance again and circled right. She jabs sharply, one, two, three times, to the head. Wonder where she kept that move? She stabs another jab and unloads a following left. Riley steps in with a left hook to the head, landing as the left taking the scenic route scored. They go head to head, punishing each other with blows to the body and the head. When they separate, one or the other moves back in to hit. Riley breaks off and circles right. Riley initiates the move back inside and moves Trevino back in the exchange, one of the only times Riley dictated movement. Trevino steps away jabbing and circling right, to get to center of ring. They lock up and stay busy, infighting with the exchange favoring Trevino. Riley is missing her hooks, as Trevino leans back to land straight punches on the crouching Riley.

Round 8

Going right to work, Trevino uses single jabs three times. She circles right peppering jabs. Riley circles right instead of stepping into the path of more jabs. After two jabs, Riley slips in landing a solid hook as Trevino misses coming in with an uppercut. They stand toe to toe throwing punches. With room, Riley seems to be able to twist, lean and duck almost everything Trevino throws. She in turn is able to throw in short solid punches, on Trevino's follow throughs. Riley is keeping her left up to block and overworking her right hand. Trevino goes back to using her reach and active punching. Her upper body movement seems to slow, as does the speed of her hands.

With just under a minute, they move in close, to fight again. Trevino walks into an overhand right to the head. She misses a looping left over the top of Riley's ducking head. Riley then bobs up with a left hook to the head. Riley moves right and into a sweeping left to the head. Trevino leads a straight left and follows with a quick right left combination. She jabs and circles moving slow. Riley's short right lead lands to the head. Trevino slaps a left and backs up. Riley lunges forward landing a short left hook to the head. Trevino backs up, then sidesteps right as Riley rushes in to press her advantage, at the bell.

Round 9

At long range they are short with their jabs. One of Riley's seconds counseled her to jab and go at Trevino, as he thought she was almost out in the 8th. Trevino circles right. Riley glances right hand lead off the head and catches return counter left to the head. They circle warily. Trevino lands a jab and sweeping left combination, to the head. Both fighters wrap power punches behind the other's head, before pushing each other away.

Trevino moves in and walks into a solid left hook to the head. They fall into a head to head stance and punch inside. They separate just out of range and eye each other briefly. Moving closer, they test the distance with light combinations toward the other's head. Each is moving their head to keep from getting tagged. Trevino slams long left to the head, Riley hopping back to corner. They go head to head. Riley pushes hard backing Trevino away.

As Trevino twists away they stumble apart. Riley misses a left hook, Trevino misses return sweeping left hook, both were anxious and off balance. Moving to the center of the ring slowly, they come in close and trade body punches at the midway point in the round. They are moving slow in an unusually tight circle. Riley leans away, pivots and lands a solid right hook to the head. They stay close, heads down, twisting and turning stabbing short punches. Riley from a head under position throws and lands an overhand right, to Trevino's head.

Separating, Riley misses a left but lands the right to the head. In close, they both pivot missing sweeping punches on each other. It appears they are both head hunting at this point. Leaning right, Trevino brings a right hook to the head that Riley never saw. They separate with Trevino jabbing, then stabs a left to the head. Riley lands a counter right snapping Trevino's head. Trevino's response is to wade in with a right left combination to the head of a stooped over Riley. Riley is short with a right hand lead. Trevino jabs then misses left over the top, rotates from the follow through and sweeps a right hook, that Riley ducks. Riley misses a defensive combination short. Trevino glances a long left off Riley's forehead. They separate moving in slow motion.

They simultaneously land lefts to the body. Trevino digs and misses a jab, bumping her shoulder against Riley. Riley, off balance, bounces her rump off the ropes, slingshotting against Trevino. They lean heavily, laboriously pawing at each other, as the bell sounds.

Round 10

Being careful, they circle slowly, feinting punches, and stab a few short jabs. Riley lunges in to land a quick light left right combo. Trevino jabs then misses a long left, going off balance. Riley wraps her right hook around Trevino's head as she returns the compliment with her answering left hook. Riley taps in a left-right combination backing away. Trevino circles and attempts a long left, missing over a bobbing Riley. Riley misses right as Trevino slips the punch. Trevino backs up. Trevino stabs a jab to the face on incoming Riley, causing her to miss her right hand lead. Something must have flashed in Trevino's mind as she jumps to her right and starts circling and lands a right left combination on a stopped Riley.

They separate. They eye each other, with Trevino swaying side to side. Riley bounces up and down flexing her knees. Trevino brings a right uppercut as if sensing a lunge from Riley. Riley leans away. Trevino follows in and lands a solid left to the head. Riley's left hook wraps behind Trevino's neck. They go head to shoulder and slap punches to each other's sides. As they push off each other, they throw lefts. Riley's is short, but Trevino's lands to the cheek. They separate out of reach moving their hands. Riley springs forward and is just short with a combination. Trevino's jab brushes a retreating Riley. Riley stabs three separate right hand leads, acting as jabs to the head of an advancing Trevino. Moving again in slow circle, they miss short with testing punches, while catching their breath. Almost as if on cue, they toss and miss long punches coming together, where after some half hearted stabbing punches they tie up. This brings in the ref, from his long rest, for a rare break of the pair.

With under 40 seconds, they come together. Trevino lands jab to body. Riley rotating her shoulders lands a right left return to the body. Trevino slaps in a combination to the head, while circling briskly away from a corner. Trevino jabs to head then misses a left. Riley is short with a left hook. Trevino sways and throw lazy left that lands to the head. Riley lands pawing overhand right counter, then repeats as Trevino is slow pulling arm back. The snap has gone out of their punches and they seem to be doing this out of memory now.

Trevino lands a jab. Riley is short with a right. Trevino lands a jab, backing Riley up, then walks into a solid jab from Riley. They both throw and miss combinations to the head. Riley repeats and lands a combination. Trevino jabs to the head. Riley's return left and right miss. Trevino turns Riley's head with a jab and then lands a long left. Riley taps with a jab and pulls a right hook short of her target. Trevino's right to the head is half punch, half push slipping off straight up in the air. Riley's head leans into Trevino's body, pushing her off. Trevino uses both hands to shove Riley back. Riley beats Trevino to the punch on a jab and ducks under the following left. Trevino pushes a jab and slaps a left hook to the ear. Riley, with her head down, bulls Trevino back. Trevino's left hook meets Riley's jab in mid-air. They bounce back from each other. Riley's overhand right misses. Trevino's counter left lands to the head. Riley pushes off Trevino's shoulder, causing her to miss the round house left she had on the way. They come together and land jabs to the face almost simultaneously, at the bell.

They are so tired, it takes fully two seconds for their training to kick in, so they raise their hands in victory.

The judges scored the fight as follows for Riley:

  • Paul Seata 97-93
  • C.D. Jenkins 97-96
  • F.Steinwinder 97-95

ESPN2's statistical service produced a punch chart on the fight, as follows, for the ten, two minute rounds:

              Thrown  Landed    %Trevino         701    177     25Riley           619    282     46


The anticipated fight strategy didn't happen. Trevino didn't stay at long range using her reach advantage, to keep Riley away. Riley didn't move to her left, so she could work her left hook. What did happen, and I'm sure Angelo Dundee would agree, was a fight.

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Page last updated: Thursday, May 20, 2004


Fight Report by Chuck McAllister



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