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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Top Ten Reasons to NOT take a fight!
By Sue TL Fox
May 4, 2005

(MAY 4) When you have that little “Birdie” in your ear telling you that you are the meanest, the BADDEST, female boxer, and that you are ready to fight this boxer, or that boxer…you MAY want to check out WBAN’s TOP TEN REASONS when you should NOT take a fight!

1. DO NOT take a pro bout, if you are a pro debuter, and you do not know the difference between fighting tough woman bouts and amateur female sanctioned bouts. Yep…believe it or not, WBAN has heard from female “fighters” who actually do not know the difference.

2. DON’T take a fight when you have to drop “a lot” of weight…or put on “a lot” of weight (ah…coins in the pockets, weights in the bra)… How MANY times have we seen one boxer that almost had to strip down to nothing to make weight, and her opponent wearing anything from a complete set of clothes to Army Fatigues to weigh in heavier!

3. Want to add a “Good chance of a loss” to your record? Just take a fight against a boxer who fights almost ALL the time in the same venue (their hometown and in front of their boxing fan base) ….Just see how the scorecards go at the end of the bout when you fight these boxers….
IF YOU DO TAKE ONE OF THESE FIGHTS…make sure the purse is worth it, AND that you are in superb shape, BECAUSE….you are going to need any and all advantages you can muster up to take these “uphill battles” in the ring.

4. DON’T take a fight…when you have been boxing for only a short time, and some trainer, manager, and/or promoter tells you are READY to go! Beware of ANYONE who tries to talk you into fighting as a pro when you have been boxing a short time and you have had limited exposure to the sport.

5. DON’T take a fight if you have been OUT of the gym. WBAN has seen MANY boxing matches made, where the fighter will say that she is in shape and has been working out. Then she takes a fight, and cannot perform up to her potential. She even risks losing to a less skillful, but “In better shape” opponent.

6. DON’T take a fight if you have retired and have exited the sport. There are "slick" promoters/matchmakers in this sport that look for boxers like you. They love to pull out retired boxers who may have once been a great or noted boxer, and then match them with their cash cow, who IS in shape and ready to take you on, after you have settled into “retired” mode. (An exception is if you have decided on your own to re-enter the sport, after properly preparing to get back in the fight game).

7. DON’T take a fight, if you cannot even get the promoter to fly you and your trainer/manager to the fight! WBAN has seen boxers drive 15-20 hours to a fight arriving the same day as the weigh-in or a day before. You are stacking the cards against yourself when you do not travel by air, AND/OR get to the venue in plenty of time before the fight, to acclimate to the area.

8. DON’T take a fight if you are injured! Boxers will at times, hide injuries to take fights, and usually with negative results---It is not worth it.

9. For Boxers who are fighting as a pro...DON’T allow “others” to get you in matches that are with opponents who are too experienced and too skillful for “your level” of boxing. If the person getting you the match has no regard for your safety---then YOU need to have regard for your safety.

10. DON’T take a last-minute fight, UNLESS you are a boxer who continuously trains in the gym, and are in top shape.

It is important to take ownership of your own destiny.  Allowing people to talk you into taking bum matches, weird circus-type matches, just for the almighty buck, hurts you in the long run---not them.   If you are in the sport to try to make a living to pay the bills, then you are in it for probably the wrong reasons---at least in this time frame of the sport

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