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Kikuchi Retains Title, Batters Sor Siriporn
By Scott Mallon
May 12, 2006


(MAY 12) On May 10, 2006, Thai inmate Siriporn “The Black Rose” Sor Siriporn hoped to become the first-ever female prisoner to win a professional boxing title but WBC minimumweight champion Nanako Kikuchi proved to be too strong and technically superior, winning a unanimous ten-round decision in the Klong Prem Men’s Prison.

In November of last year, fellow inmate Nongmai Sor Siriporn hit the headlines worldwide when she unsuccessfully challenged Kikuchi for the vacant WBC championship.

Kikuchi only began boxing three years ago and in this time has won the Japanese women’s title as well as the WBC world title.

Siriporn Sor Siriporn is housed in the Women’s Correctional Institution for Drug Offenders an hour outside of the center of Bangkok. She entered the facility at the age of seventeen and is serving ten years for drug offenses. She has four years left on her sentence however in all likelihood this will be reduced to two years.

The Sor Siriporn name is taken by the fighters from the name the warden of the Women’s Correctional Facility for Drug Offenders where they are incarcerated, Siriporn Chutikuluang. It is common for Thai fighters to take the name of their sponsors, trainers or those who help them with their careers.

The ring was set deep inside the walls of the Klong Prem Men’s Prison, through five sets of doors and nestled tightly on a small concrete slab, just close enough to some of the inmate’s cells so they were able to view the encounter. The fight was not open to the public but nonetheless there were over 1000 in attendance not including the 4729 inmates.

The first few rounds, Kikuchi established the jab and followed it with straight rights to the stomach of Sor Siriporn. Kikuchi had only registered one KO but looked to be the stronger of the two fighters, pushing Sor Siriporn around the ring and knocking her off balance repeatedly.

Sor Siriporn picked up the pace in rounds two and three though and was the more active fighter, jabbing and using the ring to keep her distance from Kikuchi building up points.

Between rounds, Kikuchi listened intently to her cornermen and responded with several pronounced “hai’s” which resonated loudly above the crowd.

This seemed to motivate her as the fourth round was the turning point of the fight would set the tone for the rest of the bout. The middle rounds were all for the champion as Kikuchi continually pinned Sor Siriporn on the ropes and ripped body shots mixed with hooks to the head. By the end of round six, Sor Siriporn had the look of a confused fighter, unsure of how to contend with the attacks of Kikuchi. Sor Siriporn landed the occasional shot but save for the rare punch, lacked the necessary power to keep Kikuchi off of her.

In round eight, referee Bruce McTavish called a break in the action to allow Kikuchi’s corner to fix a piece of loose tape on her glove and this respite gave Sor Siriporn sufficient time to prepare to mount an attack. Kikuchi looked to be tiring and Sor Siriporn poured it on, only to be turned back by the sound of the bell.

The following two rounds belonged to Kikuchi, who suddenly found her second wind. In the ninth she landed three huge rights to the jaw of Sor Siriporn and for the first time there was some doubt as to whether or not the fight would go the distance. Sor Siriporn was game though and knew enough to hold on, allowing her to make it to the end of the round.

A desperate and exhausted Sor Siriporn tried in vain to land the knockout punch in the final round but to no avail.

The pro-Thai crowd was silenced by the scores, all for the champion; 97-93 and 96-94 twice, however most acknowledged Kikuchi as the deserving winner.

After the bout Kikuchi broke down and shed tears of joy.

“I wanted to win by knockout but couldn’t finish her, so I’m so very happy to get the decision,” said Kikuchi. “I was very nervous about losing a decision.”

“I want to be a good champion and will work hard to keep my title.”

Kikuchi must now face the WBC number one ranked fighter, Wendy Rodriguez, within 180 days.

Promoter: Naris Singwancha

On the undercard:

Matsumi Tasubasa

Nongmai Sor Siriporn gets nailed by a punch from
Tse Hoi Wah of Hong Kong

Former world title challenger Nongmai Sor Siriporn pounded out a majority decision victory over Hong Kong, women’s boxing champion Tse Hoi Wah to win her fourth straight since failing in her bid to win the title from Nanako Kikuchi. The bout was a see-saw battle which saw both fighters hurt several times; Sor Siriporn was slightly busier than Wah and deserving of the close decision victory. Judges scores: 58-56, 56-56, 57-57.

To write to any of the women in the Central Correctional Facility, you can e-mail: drug_add@hotmail.com  or write them at:

Women’s Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts
33/3 Ngamwongwan Road
Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900

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