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Tsagouris Wins by decision in "Grudge Match"!
By Rick McLean
November 19, 2006


(NOV 19) In April 2004, Sandy Tsagouris walked away with a unanimous decision victory over Olga Heron. Tsagouris soundly defeated Heron and both women went on their separate ways.

However, within the last year Heron had her new mini van painted. Most would say “well big deal, who cares!” What makes this new paint job so significant is that the new paint scheme featured an unflattering photo of Tsagouris.

Photo by Durell Wambolt

In the picture Heron is landing a huge punch to Tsagouris’s face which distorts it. The two boxers live in neighbouring suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area thus it wasn’t long before Tsagouris found out about her photo being on the side of Heron’s van. Tsagouris was not too pleased and vowed to knock Heron out if the two were to ever meet again.

Last night Tsagouris was given her chance to exact her revenge on Heron as the two met in a six round matchup at the Powerade Centre in Brampton Ontario, Canada put on by Stele promotion. This match was one of the most exciting and vocal matches of the evening due to the grudge between the two fighters.

Each boxer had a huge local fan base in the arena which was evident when they were being introduced.

The opening round saw Heron taunting Tsagouris with a smile that rarely left her face for the entire match. Heron was on the defensive during the round as Tsagouris pressed the action and landed many powerful overhand rights and an occasional uppercut to the head of Heron. However, Heron did not seem fazed by the hard shots and continued smiling, moving backwards in a defensive posture, and counter punched well to the body and head when she had the openings.

Rounds two and three saw much of the same action as Tsagouris moved forward pressing the action and again landed powerful right hands and uppercuts on the inside while Heron stayed defensive and on the move, trying to counterpunch. At this point of the bout it was apparent that Tsagouris was the harder puncher and more accurate boxer who continually beat Heron to the punch.

During the rest period between rounds three and four it appeared Tsagouris was becoming frustrated that she could not knock Heron out or make her stop smiling. At the start of round four Tsagouris came out swinging with the intentions of ending the match. Many of Tsagouris’s punches landed clean and Heron seemed stunned but Olga was able to survive the storm countering with body punches and occasionally landing hard punches to the head of Tsagouris.

The last two rounds of the fight saw both women trading many hard punches toe to toe which brought the crowd to its feet. However, for the first time in the bout Heron had Tsagouris moving backwards. Olga was able to zero in on Tsagouris and landed often with scoring punches.
At the end of the match both women embraced and it seemed that any ill will between them had been settled in the ring.

Once the scorecards were totaled, Tsagouris chalked up another win over Heron and her sixth straight victory with a 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 unanimous decision win.

With the loss Heron moves to 4-8 while Sandy “Lil’ Tyson” Tsagouris moves to an impressive 6-0, with 3 knockouts. Tsagouris is scheduled to fight in Lansing, Michigan in early December, details to follow in the coming days!

On a side note a lot of credit should be given to Jim Gentle and Stele promotions. It is very hard to get professional boxing shows sanctioned and off the ground in the province of Ontario. However, over the year and no matter the size of the show, this promotion always goes out of their way and tries their very best to include women’s boxing on their cards and takes the women’s side of the sport very seriously and they deserve recognition for this.  By: Rick McLean November 18th, 2006 riggs196@hotmail.com 

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