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Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Britain's Female Boxing Promoter Miranda Carter!
By Sue TL Fox
June 29, 2009


(JUNE 29) This week WBAN interviewed Britain's female boxing promoter Miranda Carter. Carter is truly a woman behind boxing and is creating her own history in her country. Carter is a mother of three, and she juggles promoting with her other job, part-time head of the Accessibility and Equality unit for the Department of Transport, where she has worked there for 16 plus years.

TL Fox: Miranda, can you give boxing fans some background into how you made a decision to become a boxing promoter?

Carter: Put it down to midsummer madness! In some ways the more pertinent question is not why did I start it but why on earth do I stay in it? Boxing is a tough industry and the financial rewards go to the televised. But to me there is no better feeling than putting together a tough well matched bout and hearing a knowledgeable boxing crowd whooping their approval and encouragement to the boxers.

TL Fox: In news sources it is reported that your father was a boxer, was that your influence in getting into promoting the sport?

Carter: My father boxed as a young man and was very proud of it so I grew up thinking that boxing was a good sport for a man. My father always wanted me and my sister to work hard and achieve. He died a couple of years back and I was really proud to dedicate my first promotion, on Fathers’ Day, to him.

TL Fox: We notice that you make an effort to have a women's bout on your card...is it hard to match women on your cards in Britain?

Carter: It is really hard! I would so like to showcase a female bout on all my shows but there are just not enough of them. I will start looking to using overseas women boxers more but you don’t always know their background and whether it will be exciting to watch.

TL Fox: You told one interviewer recently that you would never consider an all-women's card. Can you give details as to what is not appealing to do that in your area?

Carter: I really want to put on entertaining shows with a good mix of weights and styles and I think that female bouts are an integral part of the mix. Also, a lot of boxing fans don’t accept women boxing and I just want to show them what great and skilful entertainment they are. I want women in the mainstream of boxing.

TL Fox: Was it difficult for you to get a promoters license in Britain? Can you give details of what you had to do to get a license?

Carter: I think that it is fair to say that the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) were initially sceptical about me. Whether it was because I was female or because I had no professional background in the sport I don’t know. That said I got the same gruelling interview that all license holders have to go through in the UK – and I got my license. It is a tough interview conducted by your local area committee covering rules of boxing, your character, financial issues and whatever they feel like asking! They need to be convinced that you can make a go of it.

TL Fox: What is your ultimate goal in the sport in regards to promotion? Do you want to eventually get your events on television?

Carter: I want to stage entertaining well matched bouts and I want to hear the audience really enjoying themselves and watch them walking away thinking they had got value for money. I really like small hall boxing – I like the freedom. I put on boxers at the start of their career, boxers that interest me and to be honest, boxers that sell tickets! Because I don’t manage anyone I am not that concerned about their “zeros” (no losses) and I can put on well matched exciting fights. I sometimes watch televised shows and cringe at the quality of the fights. I understand why boxers and promoters want to keep their zero losses but to me a boxer without a loss on their record is all too often a boxer that has never been tested. I just like off camera shows.

TL Fox: You are a mother of three, do you have any of your children (who are now all grown) interested in boxing?

Carter: They are now! They always help out at my promotions on the bar, selling programmes and working at front of house. They have got really knowledgeable and enjoy watching.

TL Fox: How did your last event go on June 21st?

Carter: My 21st June event was the best so far. I have had great feedback on the event and quality of the fights. In particular, the Ashley Theophane vs Mark Douglas 8x3 rounder had the audience enthralled. Ashley is an experienced and classy boxer but he was well matched against the inexperienced but focussed and powerful Mark. York Hall erupted!

TL Fox: What are some of your best experiences that have happened since being a promoter, and what are some of the worst things that have happened thus far?

Carter: The best experiences have been about people - working with people who share your passion for the sport. For example, Tony Brinton of Ultrachem has sponsored and supported me and gyms and boxers in the UK. The worst have also been about people – the ones that let you down. ….

TL Fox: If there is anything that I may not have asked you and you would like to add, please do.

Carter: Just what a pleasure it is to be interviewed by you. WBAN is great reading for everyone in and interested in boxing – it is on my list of “website favorites”. Thank you!

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