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WBAN Receives Official Letter sent to IFBA by Brown's Representation
October 19, 2009



As Lisa Brown's lawyer, and as President and Director of Cloverlay Management Corporation, Lisa Brown's manager, please treat this as our official protest being filed with the I.F.B.A in regards to the above fight. Firstly let me express Lisa Brown's full appreciation to the I.F.B.A. for proactively taking the extraordinary steps on their own in filing a protest of the decision rendered by the judges. That in itself, coupled with the comments made by the I.F.B.A after the fight, speaks highly as to what transpired. We would also like to thank the Promoters Shin and Ju Gang-Ho for providing their services leading up to, and during, the week of the fight. We would ask that you correct the I.F.B.A. press release in regards to the official scoring. The actual scores were 96-94,96-95,96-95 in favor of Hyomin Kim. Having attended the fight as a cornerman and having had the opportunity to review carefully a video of the fight, I would comment as follows:

(1) It is utterly transparent that some of the rounds should not have been scored for Ms. Kim, including rounds one, three, four, and nine ( please see my comments to follow in regards to round three). Those particular rounds were not even remotely close. Aside from those rounds it is clear that Lisa Brown won the majority of the other rounds as well. While Ms Kim was flailing away with pushes and arm punches Lisa Brown was landing solid effective blows.

(2) In the third round Ms Kim was knocked down by a right hook high on the temple. She went down immediately on both knees facing the corner. Amazingly the referee ruled this a slip. Shortly thereafter Ms Kim went down again from a flurry and again it was ruled a slip. The scorecards did not reflect the knockdowns on a ten point must system. At the end of the round Lisa Brown was hit in the body after the bell with no warning or point deduction ( this foul and other numerous infractions are important in regards to my comments to follow. Either call infractions consistently or let the fighters fight! Give them a warning and let them fight unless it is flagrant and or repetitive!). Throughout the fight Ms Kim was holding by the back of the neck, predominantly with her left hand, and hitting without warning or point deduction. After the second knockdown, which was not called, amazingly Lisa Brown was warned. Miss Kim also was holding onto the ropes on occasion with one hand without warning.

(3) In the fourth round Miss Kim went down yet again. Two of the three Judges amazingly gave the round to Miss Kim in a very one-sided round for Lisa Brown.

(4) Ms Kim, in repeatedly holding and pushing, and going down, with no clean or effective punching, pushed Lisa Brown to the canvas a number of times, without warning or point deduction. In fact one of the judges twice made hand notes on their scorecard in recognition of the push downs.

(5) In the seventh round a point deduction was given against Lisa Brown for a backhand without any prior warnings and regardless of the infractions by Ms Kim as mentioned, including the repeated holding behind the neck and hitting, the repeated pushing to the ground, and the punch after the bell without point deduction. The backhand was not a full swing and nor did it connect.

(6) I would make the following further comments in regards to the referee: Twice he interrupted our chief second, in back to back rounds, to advise us of the round number to follow. Twice we advised him he had the wrong round number. Given there were card girls this was pretty hard to get wrong. It was disruptive to say the least as was his interrupting our chief second twice to warn about open gloved hitting although no mention was made to the fighter the previous round, in the ring. Despite what action the Korean Boxing Commission takes, if any, upon your protest filing, we would urge you to set aside this decision, as the I.F.B.A. sanctioning body, or at bare minimum have this fight declared a no contest. Lisa Brown won this fight. She did not have one mark on her face after the fight. Her opponent ate dinner after the fight with a face full of red bruises and an ice pack attached to the side of a swollen head . For all those years spent training, and all the early, lonely morning roadwork this is not a proper decision for someone like a Lisa Brown who lives, eats, and loves the sport of boxing, or for anyone else for that matter. I congratulated Ms Kim and her corner after the fight, in the ring, not because she won but rather that she showed the heart of a true warrior in taking the punishment she did. I suspect in her heart she knows she lost that fight but of course that is somewhat irrelevant. As your I.F.B.A. governing by-laws allow for you to set a rematch where a questionable verdict has taken place Lisa Brown welcomes that opportunity. Next time, like major mens title fights, rather than an all Korean Judges and referees how about impartial judges and referees (perhaps an American, a Canadian and Korean judge and British, Canadian or American referee!) I thank you for your consideration. I have been around boxing since the age of eight and care dearly about the sport and the boxers. I sat with one of the promoters for approximately three hours after the fight and was met, unscheduled, by one of the co-promoters the next day just before we flew out. Lisa Brown remains the world super bantamweight champion and looks forward to defending her title, as always, against all comers. At this point in time Lisa Brown should have included, with her current four title belts, this fifth world title belt!

Yours very truly,

Michael J. Schmidt

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