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Behind the Scenes In New Mexico - Part II
By Sue TL Fox
December 9, 2009
Part I - New Mexico


(DEC 9) My continuing Behind the Scenes in New Mexico....The following morning I met up with Amy Greene and lo' and behold it was snowing! I was told it was 12 degrees outside, and had no idea it was going to be this chilly in New Mexico!

Greene by the grand piano located in the lobby

I then went back to my room and tried to update WBAN on a laptop with the hotel's wi-fi system---Not an easy task to do from my room!

At about 1:00 p.m. I received a phone call from WBAN's European Correspondent, John Wilson, of London, England.   John had just arrived at the airport to let me know he was on his way to the hotel. He knew that he was on crunch-time due to the weigh-in starting at 2:00 p.m., at the Isleta Casino & Resort. Knowing he would be arriving at the hotel at anytime,  I headed down to the lobby to greet him upon his arrival.

John Wilson arrives at hotel-just prior to weigh-in

As Amy Greene and I were talking to each other in the lobby, there was a man sitting in front of one of the lobby computers.  We found out that he was actually connected with the boxing event, Lee Peters of the NABF, and we introduced ourselves.

In the meantime, Team Warner came into the lobby, and I had the pleasure of meeting Hector Roca, and Dillon Carew, a retired pro boxer from Guyana, who had fought in the 1992 Olympics, and is training boxers out of Gleason's Gym in New York. [Carew has fought nearly everywhere, doing battle in Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada and Barbados. He has fought six world champions including Ricky Hatton, Meldrick Taylor, Moses James, Leonard Dorin and DeMarcus Corley (twice). quoted from doghouseboxing.com]  

Suszannah was the last one down into the lobby, before we all piled into one shuttle to make our way to the Isleta Casino.


When we first arrived at the casino, there was hardly any fighters as of yet that had arrived.  Surprisingly, Holly Holm was one of the first, and so I grabbed her quickly to get her to sign photos and the special boxing glove that I wanted all the fighters to sign, whether they were on the card or not.

Holly signing boxing memorabilia

I took advantage of the downtime before the actual weigh-in and took miscellaneous photos of fighters that were just behind the scenes waiting  for the weigh-in to begin.

Warner chatting away on her cellphone...sorry Suzsannah, I couldn't resist taking this photo!

Next major player on the boxing card, Team Hernandez made their way down to the weigh-in area.

Upon meeting Belinda Laracuente and Melissa Hernandez for the first time, I asked both to sign an array of 8x10's that I had as give-a-ways for boxing fans, who had entered our boxing memorabilia free give-a-way contest.

Hernandez signing autograph on photos...

After Hernandez pretty much captivated everyone around her (including me), she finally got all the memorabilia signed, and as she was signing the boxing glove I handed her, I told her she was a "Bad Girl" and telling her that she needed to get on the reality show "Bad Girls Club." (A show that I watch on occasion and is (I hate to confess) one of my guilty pleasures in life).

you tell me folks...Is she not a "Bad Girl"?

Hernandez responded to me about the show, and said, "Oh, Really?" and I said, to her "Yeah, I am serious" you need to get on that show and told her that she would be perfect with her outgoing personality. So just like Lucia Rijker, who I gave her an unofficial ring name of "Rijker Striker" in the late 1990's, I in essence gave Hernandez an unofficial title by WBAN as "Bad Girl".


The main event - Holm and Hernandez,  was called up first after a brief introduction of the event.  Lenny Fresquez announces that there were 200 tickets left for the event.

The first to weigh-in was Melissa Hernandez.  Hernandez weighed in at 134 3/4;  Holly Holm, 140.5. (Holm was .5 lb. over the weight limit, as I found out a little later).

Hernandez takes a string of carrots out of her
bag and says to the audience that the carrots are for
Holly's lunch (indicating that Holm is a "rabbit")

The next to weigh-in was Suzsannah Warner vs. Jodi Esquibel who were scheduled to fight in the co-main. Warner weighed in at 101.5 lbs.; Esquibel 102.5. (.5 lb over the weigh-in).

Suszannah Warner at the scale

Jodi Esquibel at the scales...

Lastly on the undercard for the women's bouts  Jessica Sanchez weighed in at 128 1/4, and Amanda Crespin, 124.5.

Sanchez (Left) and Crespin (Right)

Just as they were wrapping up the weigh-in, and an announcer (I didn't know who he was) talked about when the rules meeting would be, etc.  Hernandez spoke up and said, "Excuse me, what about the half pound?"

At that time,  I could not hear what was said at the podium because they were not near the mic, and had no idea what was going on.

It was a short time later, maybe 45 minutes, could have been a shorter time, as I was still lingering in the area of the weigh-in talking with a lot of people, Holly Holm, and Jodi Esquibel entered the area in white robes, and they went up to the scales to re-weigh.  Both made weight with Holm coming in at 139.4, and Esquibel 101.5. 

Some of the "Behind the Scenes" photos up to the end of weigh-in.

Ronica Jeffreys of New York

Lee Peters of the NABF

Patricia Alcivar (left) retired world champion Terri Moss (center) Mischa Merz - Masters Amateur boxer/author-writer of Australa (right)

Victoria Cisneros



Belinda Laracuente, Ryan Wissow

Media (left) Fresquez (center) Holm (right)

Ronica Jeffreys (right) Dillow Carew

PART III - The Night of the Card - Will post  (hopefully) tomorrow!

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