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McCarthy vs. Hana Honakova: The Battle of the Graduates
Photos and Report
by John E.G.Wilson
September 3, 2010


(SEPT 3) Last Saturday night, 28th August 2010 at the Fit City Broughton sports centre, Salford, England, Bridgewater Professional Boxing in association with Harrison Promotions staged a 4 bout tournament entitled “Visiting Orders”...

Top of the bill was this ladies fight.

Fans of womens’ boxing saw a lively contest between two very evenly matched, but inexperienced women.

Local girl MAXINE McCARTHY (1-0-0) was having her second boxing match - ever - having never fought before this year!

Once again due to her popularity she was Top of the Bill.

An attractive friendly intelligent young lady with hazel eyes and radiant black hair streaked with gold, her strong personality and undoubted ability has enabled her to become a successful well known local business woman owning a clothes shop and adjacent beauty salon near Worsley, Salford. England.

30 year old McCARTHY is one of the youngest of a colourful Irish family of 3 sisters and 6 brothers, - ( Her brother Gary, a muscle injury specialist was present at the fight. ) Boxing is in her blood. Her father boxed professionally as “ Derek McCarthy “ and “Pat McCarthy” having over 130 fights!

She was educated at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Comprehensive School in Eccles where she was a sports champion. Since her first fight on the 10th, April this year against ZSOFIA BEDO she has completed her studies at Salford University and gained a B.Sc degree in Sports Science.

Very determined, her ambition is to become a British and World Champion.


Her opponent, was HANA HONAKOVA (1-1-0) a 1 .7 meter tall Marketing Executive with an Austrian/Swedish steel company from Prague in the Czech Republic. A pleasant 32 year old intelligent dark haired lady with aquiline features she holds a B.Sc degree in Engineering ( economics) from Prague University. Although she had been doing non contact Kung Fu for 5 years it was only on the 15th November 2009 that she had her first competitive professional boxing match when she out pointed JULIA FIKUS in Berlin. Like McCARTHY she had also never boxed as an amateur. For someone with so little experience, she put up a very good performance. This was her first visit to Great Britain.

HONAKOVA waits in her Blue Corner for the fight to start.

At the Weigh In McCARTHY weighed 9 stones (126lbs) and HONAKOVA weighed 8 stones 4 pounds. (116lbs).

First into the ring’s Blue Corner, HONAKOVA was clad in a black sports vest with white vertical side flashes beneath the arms and large black satin shorts with red side stripes finishing at the bottom in hoops round each leg. Her right knee had a black support.

McCARTHY, clad in a black satin hooded robe over a black sports bra and abbreviated black and leopard skin satin trunks with gold waist band and gold side stripes strode in a few minutes later to the excited whistles and clapping of her supporters.

Disrobing in the Red Corner she displayed her beautiful walnut coloured muscular body, the product of 8 years training as an amateur body builder.

Round 1

At the bell McCARTHY came out smartly and immediately started flicking her straight lefts at HONAKOVAS face. None were in range. She then darted forward to get inside with a left, right combination. HONAKOVA from the center of the ring responded by moving over to the attack - throwing a succession of long straight lefts at McCARTHY but all were at least 9 inches short. Both women circled , feinting but not landing blows. McCARTHY was 10 pounds heavier, but HONAKOVA had a big height and reach advantage. She swayed her upper body from side to side as she sought to find an opening. McCARTHY responded with some fast left hooks but these also fell short until both women clashed in a neutral corner in a short fighting clinch. In a tangle of arms and legs during which McCARTHY had her arms around her opponent’s neck HONAKOVA delivered a quick succession of short right jabs to McCARTHY’S body... The referee John Latham quickly stepped in to separate them.

HONAKOVA with gloves held high protecting her face – from the center of the ring stalked McCARTHY from corner to corner. McCARTHY - a fast little mover, slipping expertly out of each corner, and as HONAKOVA came in with her attacks - counterpunched. Another very brief clinch in a neutral corner with McCARTHY briefly holding HONAKOVA by the neck with her left glove whilst each women rained blows on each other.

Throughout the match both women threw many punches which were short.

The Referee scored this round even at 10 points each

HONAKOVA prepares to launch an attack.

Round 2

McCARTHY started the attack with her fast “trademark” left, right hooking combinations. HONAKOVA retaliated with her own straight left and right punches backing McCARTHY temporarily into the Red corner and then a neutral corner. McCARTHY fought her way out of each.

The Referee gave McCARTHY a brief warning for using her head when she ducked down low to work inside to land blows on her opponent’s stomach.

The contest started to get into its rhythm. - a fast moving series of ragged scraps with flurries of blows from both women interspersed with feinting as each fighter looked for an opening. HONAKOVA constantly attacking from the center of the ring with McCARTHY continually circling her - counterpunching

There was a marked contrast in styles. McCARTHY is a fast moving compact tough aggressive little fighter who ducks in and out to launch inside, her two handed combination attacks. Utilizing her longer reach, HONAKOVA a taller and more slender figure hunching over, throwing predominately straight lefts interspersed with right handed punches from a distance.

Due to the defenses and speed of their advisories both women found it difficult to land many telling blows.

As the bell sounded the referee stepped in between to part them at the end of the round.

In a fierce tussle HONAKOVA misses with a straight right whilst McCARTHY’S left arm smashes into her chest in Round 2.

The Referee scored this round 10 points to McCARTHY and 9 points to HONAKOVA

Round 3

McCARTHY commenced the attack with her left right hooking combinations – many failing to reach their intended mark. HONAKOVA responded simultaneously with straight left right combinations which also largely failed to connect, but she did catch McCARTHY with a good straight left to the jaw as McCARTHY was coming in to attack. She also threw a tremendous sweeping right hook to the head which fortunately for McCARTHY missed. The fast paced action moved round the ring with a clinch in a neutral corner where McCARTHY, ducking down, temporarily grabbed HONAKOVA around the waist with both hands and “wrestled” her into a neutral corner. . The Referee separated them.

Very briefly McCARTHY repeated the maneuver in the opposite neutral corner.

The Referee separated them again.

Both women circled, throwing blows that were often far short of their opponents.

A series of quick intensive forays then took place with rapid exchange of assorted blows McCARTHY ducking down low to get at the body with rapid short right and left hooks – throwing a vicious uppercut which missed ! HONAKOVA attacking repeatedly – using her height and reach advantage to land straight left, right or right left combinations to McCARTHY’S face and upper torso.

The action moved to the Red corner where both women were feinting when the bell rang.

The Referee scored this round 10 points to McCARTHY and 9 points to HONAKOVA

Round 4

Another lively round.

HONAKOVA who had throughout the contest held the center of the ring launched the first attack with a series of straight lefts interposed with an occasional straight right aimed at McCARTHY’S head. Some, but not all landed on their mark ! McCARTHY countered with left, right or right left hooking combinations to her opponent’s head and torso. Not all of these landed !

Moving forward with head down McCARTHY very briefly put her gloved arms around HONAKOVA’S waist and was warned by the Referee as she broke off contact. HONAKOVA kept attacking with her characteristic straight lefts and straight rights – McCARTHY fought her off each time with her own characteristic two handed hooking combinations – a left to the head followed up with a series of right hooks to the body. McCARTHY then launched a series of her own attacks with repeated right hooks mainly aimed at her opponent’s abdomen. The action moved across the ring to the opposite neutral corner where HONAKOVA tried to constrain her opponent.

A lively exchange of two handed blows was taking place as the final bell sounded !

The Referee scored this round 9 points to McCARTHY and 10 points to HONAKOVA

After the points had been counted Referee John Latham declares McCARTHY to be the winner by 39 points to 38.

She now advances to 2 wins, and HONAKOVA drops to 1 win 2 losses...

In an exclusive interview with your correspondent after the fight McCARTHY disclosed that she had hurt her right arm the previous week and had been, and was in great pain from this. She had bravely concealed this during the fight but it had hurt her punching.

She paid tribute to her Second – former British Champion AINSLEY BINGHAMsaying that he was a fantastic trainer.

In a compliment to her opponent McCARTHY said “ She was a game fighter, she did not come to lose - but the better fighter won ! “ “ I could have done better in some things but I’ll go back to the drawing board see where I can improve “. McCARTHY confirmed that although HONAKOVA had not had 16 fights like her first opponent BEDO - this was a tougher fight. ”

With her next fight probably in October or November, McCARTHY is looking to raise her game with her next opponent . She is knows that she must do this to achieve her British and World title ambitions. Let us hope that her plan succeeds.

There were 3 mens’ fights on the undercard:


Making his pro debut in a fast moving contest, 140.5 lbs Greek born TAZ APERGIS (0-0-0) (Wythenshaw) beat 139 lbs DANIEL “THORPY” THORPE ( 22 – 105 – 3) (Sheffield) by 40 points to 36 points in a 4 round Super Featherweight match. Although he had had enormous experience THORPE did not appear to take the match entirely seriously. He taunted his opponent and was warned by the referee in the third round for his play acting and “not paying attention “.


LEE GILLESPIE (1-0-0) weight 132lbs from Swinton beat ROBIN “ROCKIN” DEACON(1-21—0) weight 130lbs from Crawley on points 40 to 36 in a another 4 round Super Featherweight match. The large points disparity did not due justice to DEACON’S robust performance in this hard fought contest.


Local man LYNDON NEWMAN (1-0-0) Denton, Manchester, weight 163lbs beat RICHARD TROUPE (0-0-1) from Hull, weight 162.75lbs on points 40 to 36 in a 4 round Middleweight match.

© John E.G.Wilson

N.U.J. Words = 1,868
Text and pictures : Copyright John E.G.Wilson.
Date: 30.8.2010 – 2.9.2010



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