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Amateur Boxing: Sweden rules the roost in Oslo's ''Battle of Scandinavia"
by Michael O'Neill
January 28, 2013

(JAN 28) The ‘Battle of Scandinavia’ was fought this weekend, at least in the boxing ring, at the home of Oslo Bokseklubb in Jordalgata 12 in the Norwegian capital when male and female teams from Denmark, Finland and Sweden joined the host nation in the Four Nations Round Robin tournament.

This has always been a keenly contested tournament and this year proved no exception as fans enjoyed some great bouts before a highly appreciative audience.

Sweden came ‘top of the podium’ overall (men and women's totals combined) emerging victorious with nine points followed by Norway with six points and Denmark with three. Finland alas on this occasion did not defeat any of their neighbours though insofar as the women's bouts were concerned they were hampered by the absence of star performer, Mira Potkonen. Three points were awarded for a win, one point for a draw and of course no points for a lost encounter.

The Norwegian women were the stars of the female bouts with Ingrid Egner, Fam Elgan and Marielle V. Hansen each going through the three day event, undefeated. Hansen had been in excellent form at the recent Boras Box Cup event in Sweden and again was in fine form here being nominated as Norway’s leading female boxer of the tournament . The Swedish award went to Linnea Strandell, that for Denmark to Diana Nadim and for Finland, to the 60kg lightweight, Cecilia Nilsson.

In Sunday’s Final Team Match, the Swedes defeated Norway 4:3. As the Swedish team were short of a 54kg female boxer, Norway’s Camilla Johansen from Raufoss actually represented Sweden in this tournament, and enjoyed wins over Denmark and Finland losing only against her fellow countrywoman Marielle V.Hansen.

Our grateful thanks to Norges Bokseforbund for the results from the tournament which was as always extremely well organised by the Norges Bokseforbund in collaboration with the famous Oslo Boxeklubb, one of whose most famous fighters was of course one Cecilia Brækhus, recently voted by Ring Magazine as their female Pro. Boxer of 2012 and who has been for the past three years WBAN’s European Fighter of the Year.

Round Robin 4-Nations Team Tournament – Combined Male/Female Results:

Sweden : 9 points
Norway: 6 points
Denmark: 3 points
Finland: 0 points

Combined Results – Day by Day – Sunday 27 January:
Sweden: 4 Norway 3

54 kg: Marielle V Hansen, NOR - Camilla Johansen,
NOR (SWE)18-8
57 kg: Linnea Strandell, SWE - Shora Jahromi, NOR 17-16
60 kg: Ingrid Egner, NOR - Helena Envall, SWE 20-11
64 kg: Fam Elgan, NOR - Ida Lundblad, SWE 14-13
81 kg: Hampus Henriksson, SWE - Sondre Wold, NOR 16-7
91 kg: Gabriel Richards, SWE - Kent Båstad, NOR 27-20
+91 kg: Mustafa El Molla, SWE - Ken Robin Vestrheim, NOR 20-10

Denmark 3 Finland 2

54 kg: Jenna Puurunen, FIN - Line Svendsen DEN 16-9
60 kg: Cecilia Nilsson, FIN - Diana Nadim, DEN 13-6
64 kg: Camilla Skov Jensen, DEN - Emilia Striko, FIN 14-10
64 kg: Walid Ali, DEN - Simeon Bunardzhiev, NOR (FIN) 14-10
81 kg: Martin Pedersen, DEN - Ahmet Abdelfatta, NOR (FIN) 8-7

Saturday 26 January:
Norway 4 Denmark 3

54 kg: Marielle V Hansen, NOR - Line Svendsen DEN 19-6
60 kg: Ingrid Egner, NOR - Diana Nadim, DEN 22-8
64 kg. Fam Elgan, NOR - Camilla Skov Jensen, DEN 15-3
64 kg: Walid Ali, DEN - Stian Thorstensen, NOR 26-18
81 kg: Martin Pedersen, DEN - Sondre Wold, NOR 17-6
91 kg: Jim Andreasen, DEN - Kent Båstad, NOR 24-13
+91kg: Ken Robin Vestrheim, NOR - Niels Holstein, DEN 16-10

Sweden 3 Finland 2

54 kg: Jenna Puurunen, FIN - Camilla Johansen, NOR (SWE) 15-17
57 kg: Linnea Strandell, SWE - Emilia Striko, FIN 15-14
60 kg: Cecilia Nilsson, FIN - Helena Envall, SWE 11-22
64 kg: Clarence Goyeram, SWE - Simeon Bunardzhiev, NOR 15-8
81 kg: Hampus Henriksson, SWE - Ahmet Abdelfatta, NOR 15-9

Friday 25 January:

Norway 3 Finland 0
54 kg Marielle V Hansen, NOR - Jenna Puurunen, FIN 17-4
57 kg Shora Jahromi, NOR - Emilia Striko, FIN 16-8
60 kg Ingrid Egner, NOR - Cecilia Nilsson, FIN 19-9

Sweden 5 Denmark 3:

54 kg: Camilla Johansen, NOR(SWE) - Line Svendsen DEN 20-14
57 kg: Linnea Strandell, SWE - Dina Thorslund, DEN +18-18
60 kg: Diana Nadim, DEN - Helena Envall, SWE 18-12
64 kg. Ida Lundblad, SWE - Camilla Skov Jensen, DEN 22-8
64 kg: Clarence Goyeram, SWE - Walid Ali, DEN 19-18
81 kg: Martin Pedersen, DEN - Hampus Henriksson, SWE 9-8
91 kg: Jim Andreasen, DEN - Gabriel Richards, SWE 17-15
+91kg: Mustafa El Molla, SWE - Niels Holstein, DEN 27-14

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