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One on One Interview with Amateur Boxer Odalys Camacho!
by Blanca Gutierrez
May 7, 2013

(MAY 7) Odalys Camacho thank you for taking your time out to do this interview with me. You are a young female boxer striving for big things in boxing and have a great attitude. You put yourself out there never dodging an opponent at local and shows out of your area and you are always wanting to fight on any card possible. I see you at my gym Babyface Boxing when we have all female sparring and you will spar anyone anytime. At Babyface I have see you spar with Melissa Mc Morrow and I know how bad you want to become the face of female boxing. You have also participated on the Beautiful Brawlers where the ďbest fight the best.Ē

Odalys with her coach David Granados

Where are you from?

I was born in Reedley, CA, but raised in Bakersfield, California.

I know you are 16 years old, when did you start boxing? Why boxing?

I started boxing in the late summer 2011, my dad signed me up for boxing because he wanted me to be able to defend myself. I am sixteen years old and within one year I have accumulated 24 fights with a record of 13-11 ,but my first ten fights were 1 win 9 losses and I started my novice career what you would call open . líd be fighting girls that had over ten fights when I barely had one.

At sixteen you go to school and probably do the same things every normal teen ager likes to do, what is your training schedule like?

I go to school like every other teenager would, but my social life and interest are very different than any other teenage girls my age .I donít go out on weekends, Iím always training and my weekends are spent trying to get more fights or sparring sessions. During week days my schedule revolves around training , when I get out of school I go home in a rush to get my chores and homework done before boxing so I can go running after.

Some parents feel that boxing is for boys. How do your parents feel about your boxing ?

My parents support me to the fullest in whatever I do, especially in boxing because they know that its where my heart and passion are.

My parents do the best they can to help, and they believe in me as much as I believe in myself. Itís important for female fighters to be supported by their parents because itís such hard sport, and if your parents donít support you, and donít allow you to fight youíll never prosper in boxing.

Can you talk about why you think it is important for parents to support their daughters who want to fight and why boxing is such a phenomenal opportunity for you?

If my parents didnít support me and let my trainer get me tough fights, I would not be where I am today or where I want to go tomorrow. Boxing is a phenomenal sport to me, because its more than just a sport itís a lifestyle that I have chosen. I love boxing and, I truly believe I was meant to be the best female fighter of all times. Itís my everything itís constantly on my mind, Iíll be at school thinking of combos or training or tournaments that are coming up. Itís even in my dreams, rare is it when I donít have dreams with boxing in it. Itís phenomenal because I feel like I have found my life calling, the reason I exist at such a young age. The best part is that theyíre dreams worth chasing, other than it being my favorite thing to do and my life passion, I know I can and will accomplish big things in boxing.

What was it like the first time you had a fight? How much experience did you have before you got in the ring?

My first amateur fight was a day in history for me. I was a nervous wreck that got beat up and stopped that day because I gassed out and went with little conditioning. After that fight I was determined to go back and beat the girl who had stopped me with no complications, and do double the damage she had done to me (I did a few fights later). This was when I started to pick up in training and realized that I had something in me and that I wanted to go back and train harder to get better so I could fight again. I had sparred and trained before my first fight, but it was just a different experience to actually get in the ring for an amateur bout. I fight whoever whenever I can because I just love boxing, I love every minute before and after the fight.

You have fought on the Beautiful Brawlers all female boxing card. Can you tell me about your experience boxing on an all female card?

The only all female card Iíve fought for is the Beautiful Brawlers, and it was the best experience as far as tournaments go, to see so many girl fighters that were as dedicated to fighting as me. It gave lots of possible matches, and connections for sparring partners .Iím looking forward to competing in it again this year.

I often get in the ring for sparring with professional female fighters, because I like a challenge, and I learn a lot from them since the professional style is different than an amateur style, it gives different looks and allows me to learn new things.

What are you goals in boxing? What do you want to accomplish in the amateur ranks?

I want to be the face of womanís boxing because this is the sport and lifestyle that I love and I want to be the best that I can possibly be. I know one day I will achieve big things and when I do I plan on giving back to the sport that has given so much to me. I was born with this and when Iím not boxing Iím not the same person, this is my life calling and itís why Iím here. This is how I know I will one day be the face of womanís boxing. Because I know I will not stop until I am the face of womenís boxing .Iím going to show the world something theyíve never seen in womenís boxing. Iím going to show them what a real fighter is. I will jump up and down in weight classes to fight the best or anyone who dares to challenge me. U will always give exciting fights even if I have to make it a slug fest, I will give an exciting fight to the audience. When my name is mentioned I want it to be mentioned along the likes of Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De la Hoya, and Floyd Mayweather.

Odalys in the black sparring at Babyface gym

Who are your favorite boxers and why?

My favorite fighters are all world champions, Ava-Knight, Melissa Mc Morrow, and Carina Moreno, they all have different fighting styles but they have all became my favorite for one reason. Like true champions they go to other peoples backyard and bring back a title. They also offer help to when its needed I have and will spar with each of them in the future. Those are just my favorite female fighters. Some of my favorite male fighters consist of Oscar De la Hoya, because aside from being a gold medalist he is a successful business owner and has done a lot to help out the Latino community. Robert Guererro , because after fighting against lifeís obstacles ,he returns to the ring and still shows his heart of a true fighter. Mayweather, although he is boastful of his achievement she has never failed to mention how ďhard work, and dedicationĒ got him there.

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