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Behind the Scenes at the Beautiful Brawlers III!
Photos and Story
by Sue TL Fox
September 4, 2013


(SEPT 4) On August 30th, I had the opportunity to venture down to Redwood City, California, to cover an all-female amateur boxing show entitled "Beautiful Brawlers III", promoted by Blanca Gutierrez, with two other amigas by her side, world champion Eliza Olson and #1 in the world in the heavyweight division, Martha Salazar.

Salazar (left) Gutierrez (center) Olson (right)

I arrived at the venue with a very warm welcome to the Sportshouse, shortly after arriving in Redwood City, and met up with Gutierrez, Mario Cabreras Jr., Olson, Salazar, world champion Melissa McMorrow,  and many of the amateur boxers who were set to fight the following night,  and their teams and families.  At that time I was told there were about 17 confirmed bouts, with one including Olympian Queen Underwood vs. Stalacia Leggett, in the mainliner on the card.  

On this same evening there was a nice dinner for the fighters and their teams and family, followed by a meeting with the boxers.    At the meeting Gutierrez was very positive with the fighters, and talking to them about sportsmanship and other topics, and letting them know that this was an event to let them shine.  After the meeting, I stuck around and took more photos of the boxers, and others who were there.  I also took this unique opportunity to talk with many about WBAN, and gave out patches to many of the amateurs.

Fight Night at the Sportshouse
August 31, 2013

On fight Night there were 17 amateur female bouts on the card.  We had several top female boxers, and world champions (Ava Knight, Melissa McMorrow, Carina Moreno, Gina Guidi, Jolene Blackshear) that came out to support the amateurs, this was not including Eliza Olson and Martha Salazar who played a significant part in this event.

I had taken one pair of boxing gloves to the event, with the intent of having all the pro boxers sign the glove and have a Free-Give-Away Contest on WBAN with their autographs.

TO ENTER CONTEST TO WIN THE GLOVE, GO HERE:   Contest ends September 30th.  for details and to enter, go here! 

Before the action began this night, there were many behind the scenes photos taken with the champs and many others who came to the show.   

Met up with Multi-world champion Ava Knight!

During one of the short intermissions, many of the top pro boxers were introduced to the crowd. 

Let the Fights Begin.....Total Action with these
little warriors! But---before these amateurs fought, they all came center stage to be introduced to the boxing fans in the audience! 

Behind the scenes photos in the ring...out of
The ring....and more (results of all bouts below with miscellaneous photographs...)

Sandra Toyar, 75.6, 11 years old, of Delhi Boxing Club won by a split decision over Leila Gutierrez, 73.8, 10 years old. (Three rounds, one minute rounds.  Toyar won by a close split decision.

Maggie Morgan Butcher, 129.2, 3rd Street Gym, won by a unanimous decision over Maddy Bunnan, 125, also from the 3rd Street Gym.  (Three rounds, two minute rounds).

Arpita Sinha, 113.6, of San Jose PAL won by decision over Doris Martinez Picasso, 108, of Double Punches. (Three rounds, two minutes)

 Kim Mazariegos, 108.6, Kennel Boxing Club by decision over Shastachi Lopez, Napa SAL.  (Three rounds, 1.5 minutes per round)

 Ariana Garcia, 119.6,  of Warriors 4 JC, won over Destiny Navarro, 124.6, Sparta Boxing Club. (Three rounds, one minute per round)

Yessinia Martinez, 99.4, San Ardo Boxing, won by a decision over Leslie Barreras, 90, Cital Boxing. (Three rounds, one minute per round)

Andrea Avilas, 150.8, of San Ardo Boxing decision over Allie Medina, 151.8, of Fresno Boxing. (Three rounds, one minute rounds)

Jamie Mitchell, 120.2, Salinas Boxing won cover Casey Morton, 119, Undisputed Boxing. This was one of the best fights on the card with both fighters who fought a non-stop action bout. Mitchell not only won the Beautiful Brawlers III Gold belt, but she also won a top award by WBAN, as "Most Inspiration".  (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 Iris Contreras, 120.4, DF Boxing, won a decision over Jessica Galves, 118,  Mity Mites.  (Three rounds, two minutes)

 BOUT 10
Katrina Alahe, 118.6, USF won by decision over Odalys Camacho, 117.8,  unattached. (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 BOUT 11
In another action-packed top fight of the night, Heaven Garcia, 95 lbs., (13 years old) won by decision over Graciela Ortega, 90.6,  unattached. Garcia not only won the Beautiful Brawlers II Gold belt, but she also won a top award by WBAN, as best female boxer 14 and under.

 BOUT 12
Alayna Woody, 130, of Kings Gym won by decision over Dalia Gomez Valenzuela, 129.8, A & B Boxing. (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 Lupe Gutierrez, 126.6, unattached won by decision over Leslie Soria, 122.8,  Jerry Ortiz Gym. (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 BOUT 14
 Selena Hernandez TKO'd Siagigi Hintsatake, of Warm Springs Nations. Siagigi took an eight count twice and in what looked to be going into a third 8 count the ref stopped the fight. (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 BOUT 15
 Tessa Moon, 155.6,  unattached won by decision over Rebecca Holt, 152.2. (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 BOUT 16
 Tatiana Almaraz, 123.8,  of Old School Boxing,  won by a decision over Becky Villagren, 125, Pacific Ring Sports.
 (Three rounds, two minute rounds)

 In the main event of the evening, Queen Underwood, 134.4, an Olympian, fought Stalacia Leggett, 130.4, of Cital Boxing Club, in a very close four-round decision. In the first round Leggett took an eight count when she went down to the canvass. Queen took the belt, but Leggett was voted as top female 15 and over for the WBAN Award. The fight was action-packed for all four rounds---and very impressive of both of their performances.

WBAN Awards for Top Three Boxers

Jamie Mitchell (Most Inspirational); Heaven Garcia (14 and under) and Stalacia Leggett (15 and above)

Behind the Scenes photos by Sue TL Fox

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