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Behind the Scenes at the Mayweather Experience in Las Vegas!
by Sue TL Fox
September 17, 2013
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(SEPT 17) Last Friday at the Mayweather Boxing Gym, in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the pleasure of being able to attend the "Mayweather Experience"------that could have easily been described more like the "Fantastic Experience!"

The event was geared for boxing fans, upcoming boxers, and anyone who wanted to do something that was totally unique in Vegas. They had attendees that were as young as six, and one in particular that I found the most inspirational.

In a Mayweather Experience pre-event press release they had written: "Going to be in Las Vegas for the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight? Now you can put your finger on the pulse of all the action this fight weekend and live a Boxing fanís dream. BoxerSponsors.com is presenting the ultimate boxing fanís dream, an interactive experience with the most iconic family in boxing history - The Mayweathers - they have created an opportunity to start and end your day with Jeff, Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las Vegas."

The Mayweather Experience not only did not disappoint---but they  succeeded by far their goal for the people who attended.

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It was amazing that the Mayweather's were able to manage the huge amount of people who signed up to do the Experience. They had a great influx of attendees, from one as young as six years old to, one of the most inspirational that trained from within a wheelchair.

Also on scene at the event were multi-world world-champion Ava Knight,  top-amateur boxer Mikaela Mayer (with her coach), and Amy Green.   

After the event, I had spoken with some of the people who attended the event
or were involved with the organization of the event.....

Jordan Campbell of the United Kingdom

Jordan Campbell, of the United Kingdom told me, "I always had a slight interest in boxing from watching it on TV and things like that but I really started to get into boxing around 2008-2009, when I was over in Vegas to see the Hatton vs. Pacquiao fight, which just happened to be coincidence of being there at the same time but I went to the weigh in and watched the fight on closed circuit and ever since then I've been hooked.


"I knew Floyd was going to be fighting on Saturday and had kept up with the rumours so I decided to come over and just be a part of fight week to get the atmosphere of a Floyd fight and I was sent a link to the Experience by Aaron who you know as well. When I saw the price, I jumped at the chance to train in the Mayweather Gym with Roger and Jeff. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up," added Campbell.

Aaron Ormrod of the United Kingdom

Another attendee, Aaron Ormrod, from the UK told me the following, "I was told about the Mayweather experience by a friend of mine. He sent me the link and I had a look around to see what it involved, etc. I ended up booking shortly after. I am not a boxer, just a big boxing fan. This trip was my third Floyd fight live."

Ava Knight with Brian Marciniak of Boxersponsor.com

Ava Knight told WBAN, " I attended the Mayweather Experience because I wanted to be a part of this great opportunity to give female boxing a boost. I wanted people to know we were still doing great in the sport and what better experience to do it than with the Mayweather experience. I was glad that boxersponsor.com let me be a part of their events."

Charles Ingrams Jr. (right)

Charles Ingrams Jr. said, "We (Adidas Boxing) were happy to be able to support the Mayweather Experience, the energy in the place was... I can't explain it! The relationship with Boxersponsors.com was easy to establish because they are my 2nd job (lol) so it was a natural fit! We are looking to partner again with the Mayweather's in the future. Ava Knight is a friend of mine and she was more than happy to come down and support. The Boxing community is a close knit group and we should support each other whenever possible."

My own thoughts.....after attending this unique event that more than packed the gym---the Mayweathers' not only met their attendees expectations-----but most certainly exceeded them!

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