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WBAN Goes One on One with Martha Salazar!
by Sue TL Fox
Photos: Steven Matthew Solidarios
June 24, 2014


(JUNE 24)  WBAN had an opportunity to go One on One with top ranked WBC/UBF/WBA Heavyweight Martha "The Shadow" Salazar  this week.  Salazar talked about her thoughts on her last fight, and about her future plans in the sport. 

In a brief summary, as many of you may recall, Salazar made a comeback after six years to make her mark in the history of women's boxing and is one of the veterans in this sport.  After her fight with Sonya Lamonakis there was great chatter and controversy surrounding the six rounder between those two.

One observation I personally made with Salazar was when I had the opportunity to meet her in 2013 for the first time, and to attend the Beautiful Brawlers Amateur show.  I saw firsthand how Salazar gives back to the sport through the Beautiful Brawlers program who puts on the amateur shows.

Salazar is very respected in the sport, and I learned about how instrumental she is in helping to keep the Northern California female boxing sparring scene exciting, as she is always at the sparring sessions, and will literally box anyone who wants to get in the ring with her.

When I not only attended the Beautiful Brawlers show, but I had also arrived there a day before the event, I was able to see the interaction of Salazar with the young amateur boxers.  She was a mentor for those young fighters, and it did not take much to see that she interacts with each and everyone of them.  In my Q & A, she spoke with me about her career.

Fox:  What made you decide to come back into the sport after six year of not fighting as a pro. 

Salazar:  I was always in boxing, staying in the gym and was actually waiting for an opportunity to come back.  With the same talented heavyweights fighting each other over and over, my Team and I decided had talked about this at great length and had come to a decision that I would step back into the ring to bring some 'heat' to the division, and that is exactly what I did.  

Fox:  When you were boxing, you won a couple of world titles in 2004-2005. After your six-year layoff, you decided to jump back into the frying pan without a tune up fight---but to go directly to fighting the #1 World Ranked Heavyweight Sonya Lamonakis in your return to the ring after this very long time.  What are your thoughts about that fight and in making a comeback against the #1 ranked boxer?

Salazar:  Well, we trained so hard for this fight and the fight went as planned. We came out with the win. I wanted to fight the #1 ranked in the world and beating her was the best part of this fight. 

Fox:  What made you decide to leave the sport as a pro six years ago in the first place?

Salazar: I stopped  fighting because I didn't have anybody else to fight.  Blanca Gutierrez from Babyface Boxing was telling me that there were a few heavyweight women that I could fight if I wanted to. So, I when home and thought about it.  I  came back to the gym and told Blanca that I wanted to make a comeback. I wanted to get the world title that I didn't get with Vonda ward. 

Fox: The controversy about the Lamonakis fight was that the California Commission timers made an error and the rounds were three minutes instead of two minutes.  Did you realize you were fighting three minute rounds at the time?   

Salazar: No!  The only thing I was focused on was to making sure I was beating Sonya and counting my punches. I was making sure to throw more punches then her.  After the fight Sonya said to me 'you were the better fighter' but that she wanted a 'no contest' because the rounds were too long. 

Sue: Do you feel that the fight would have gone any differently if you would have fought two minutes instead of three minutes? 

Salazar: I think that the fight would have had the same outcome 2,3,4 minute.  I was still beating her. The only difference will be she would had not taken so much punishment. This is why my team and I train so hard,  so that we have no excuses.  

Sue:  Former world champ Carlette Ewell is going to fight Sonya Lamonakis for the IBO Heavy weight world title in August.  How do you feel about this heavyweight world title fight? 

Salazar: I am very upset about the situation. I am the one that should be fighting for this title. It's okay though I will fight the winner. 

How long are you planning to stay in the sport?   

Martha: I will not retire until I become the world champion again. 

WBAN would like to thank Salazar for taking the time to talk with us about her boxing career.

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