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AIBA Launches New Deal for 'Amateurs' with Changes for Women Also 'In The Pipeline'
by Michael O'Neill
November 12, 2014


(NOV 12) At first glance a new AIBA competition exclusively for Male boxers may not seem of much interest to WBAN and its readers yet WBAN understands from usually reliable sources in Korea that this newly launched competition may well have significant implications for women boxers, albeit not immediately.

WBAN understands that among the items under discussion at the Annual Congress were a possible increase in number of weights for women not only in the Olympics but also in major International events like the World Championships and of course Continental Federation titles too.

There has long been a complaint from the 'amateurs' that womens bouts, like those of their male colleagues, should be of three minutes each round.

Much disquiet too that in AIBA International competitions such as the Olympic Games and World Championships, men are now required to wear headguards to protect them from bad cuts or possibly worse injuries yet women and juniors are not allowed.

It is expected that during the course of these Women's Worlds there are likely to be further announcements from the AIBA which will - most likely - confirm that women's bouts will be of three minutes each round.

(c) AIBA  -AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu addressing the AIBA Congress in Jehu

it is also believed that AIBA President Wu will say that the International Boxing Association is about to change its 'headguards' rule for men and will be seriously looking at their removal soon from women's events. That though may require further medical studies. There are unlikely to be any changes insofar as Youths/Juniors are concerned though.

He is also likely to indicate that the AIBA will be seriously considering an increase of weights for Women boxers, not just in the Olympic Games but in all major competitions inc future women's world and continental federation championships.

Later, on the headguards subject, speaking to 'USA Today' /Associated Press, Dr Wu said:

"We are certainly looking into the possibility and once we feel comfortable about removing head guards for men, we will have tests for women," Wu added. In terms of the weights issue,Dr Wu told the agency that the International Boxing Association would also be looking at increasing number of women's weight from the existing three up to 51,60 and 75kg but gave no clear indication as to how many might be possible.

Clearly in terms of say the Olympics that would involve serious discussion with the I.O.C.  WBAN readers will recall that last week we suggested that boxers and coaches in Jeju should raise the subjects of women's weights for the Olympics and other topical subjects with the AIBA either before or immediately after the boxing in Jeju and that we again repeat today.

It is of the utmost importance that Dr Wu and the AIBA take the opportunity of addressing directly its members, boxers and coaches, and explains EXACTLY what is planned and in what timescale.

Remember too that though the boxers and coaches are in Jeju there are literally thousands of women boxers, young and young at heart, who are 'back home' and unable to ask questions for themselves. They too are the future of women's boxing and thus those fortunate enough to be in Jeju representing their country will clearly wish to take into consideration those that follow them in their quest for Olympic and World glory. Dr Wu we know has always expressed his sincere desire to see women's boxing prosper and what better opportunity for him and the AIBA than here in Jeju to speak DIRECTLY to the boxers and officials and address their concerns and queries.

After all it is the boxers who make the AIBA the organisation that it is and it is only right that the AIBA should not allow them to leave Jeju with important questions remaining unanswered..

So WBAN feels quietly confident that on the occasion of the 8th AIBA Women's Worlds, Dr Wu and his Executive will brief the world's finest boxers as to what the future - their future and those of others who follow - holds in store.

Over to you, Dr Wu.

AIBA Press Release read:

Boxing leaders from all around the world are set to pass a unanimous motion in support of the launch of the AIBA Pro Boxing Competition (APB).

The new competition, launched by the International Boxing Association (AIBA), features 80 of the world’s best boxers competing in an unprecedented top-class individual ranking-based format of Pro Boxing.

APB was launched in October 2014 as the top tier of all AIBA competition programs, following AIBA Open Boxing (AOB) and the World Series of Boxing (WSB).

APB aims to bring boxing back into a mainstream position in the world of sports by taking into account the needs of fans and providing a top quality, highly entertaining and easily understood kind of Pro Boxing. APB’s structure aims to provide fans with regular fight-cards in multiple markets.

APB has a merit-based and comprehensive ranking system, with transparent and fair professional judging, and it epitomizes boxing performance at its best with a full long-term Athlete Development approach – from grassroots to pro – to help identify the world’s true boxing champions.

The heads of AIBA’s 196 National Boxing Federations will also pass a unanimous resolution in support of the removal of headguards for Men competing in elite competition.

The Congress is meeting in advance of the 2014 Women’s World Championships, also taking place in Jeju, starting this weekend.


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