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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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One on One Interview with Amateur boxer Sierra Rose Gallegos!
Conducted by Stephen Blea
Edited by Chris Morris of RMB
August 25, 2015

(AUG 25) Recently I had the opportunity to interview Sierra Rose Gallegos, a young female boxer.  I would like to share her story with you all.   I know there are dozens of boxers out there that probably are going through some real personal hardships, but I find this one very interesting, for the simple fact that no matter who you are,  you can be inspiring to someone! Before I begin I want to Thank Sue Fox for being that inspiration to many female boxers out there, just by writing their stories is uplifting, to these remarkable female athletes.
By Stephen Blea and edited by Chris Morris of RMB.

Stephen: Sierra, What weight do you compete at, and can you give me a little personal history about yourself?

Sierra:   I'm a 5'1, 119 pound girl with a passion for boxing and fulfilling my dreams.   I am a sophomore in High School, I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but raised in Denver, Colorado. Coming back from Utah with my dad we found ourselves to be homeless. We bounced around from shelter to shelter and no one seemed to like us. When it seemed like something good was going to happen the happiness was just stripped away in an instant.   We were Living off of food stamps, scared and not knowing where our next meal was going to come from, my dad always seemed to remain optimistic.
Keeping our faith in God, we finally found a place to live. We moved a couple more times until we found a place that I actually liked. After a while we fit in well.

Stephen: Wow,  that was some real hardship, so how did you get involved in boxing?

Sierra: Down the street I soon met one of my best friends and ironically her brothers were boxers at Colorado Golden Gloves boxing gym. My brother and I went with them and just never stopped going.

Stephen: That’s really great so have you had any fights yet?

Sierra: Yes, about three or four months later after some really hard training it was time for my first fight!

Stephen: So How was it?

Sierra: I can say it was the best filling in the world! , then I knew that dreams DO come true. Even if is boxing, because the training and self-discipline and the feeling of being a part of something positive is great.

Stephen: So I take it everything has been going great right?

Sierra: No, not really, I tried to be happy but it seemed like life just kept to bring me down. Soon after that my Grandma passed away. Then, I again found my happiness being stripped away from me so I stopped going to the gym. My dad convinced me to go back and of course it was hard but I was back at chasing my dream.

Stephen: Sorry to hear that, so after you went back what happened next?

Sierra: Before I knew it I was on my way to the Ringside World Championship boxing tournament. Not long after that, I participated in a 'smoker' at my own gym and I won my bout!

Stephen: So Sierra I understand you went and fought in a tournament in novice division and came out with second place, not bad at, so what’s Sierra’s game plan for the future ?

Sierra: Even Through all this hardship, boxing has always been my sport and my dream. When I'm boxing I feel nothing but happiness. All of my sadness turns into determination and I keep fighting.
Finally my dream is to grow up and become a journalist bringing awareness to drug problems and kids who go through the same experiences that I went through every day, because I know I'm not the only one.  I want to help someone else make their dream come true by hearing my story or from my encouragement and support.

Stephen: Sierra, thank  you for sharing your story and I know you will be an inspiration to many and I wish you continued success in boxing and in school so that you can achieve your dreams.   I know personally our WBC Cares will help Support you in both as well.

Sierra: Thank You Coach Blea, the WBC Cares and WBAN for all your support and especially my Coaches at Colorado Golden Gloves Charities for all your help as well!

Note: Since this interview WBC Cares & WBAN & Cleto Reyes have got together and given Sierra not only Gloves, but a Boxing uniform and monies for school as well. We all agree if we can help someone achieve their goals, they will eventually inspire others to do the same!

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