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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Courtesy photo:  Brandy Badry
Photo Credit:  Marlon Gonzalez


Lightweight Brandy “The Cyclone” Badry began boxing professionally at the age of 28, making her pro debut on May 7, 2010 at the  Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Although entering the sport at the age of 35, Badry proved that in professional boxing-----age is just a number.

Badry told WBAN, "At age 38,  I am continuing to build my professional career." 

So what got Badry interested in the sport to begin with?   "When I started boxing, I knew little about it, although, I have always enjoyed the big televised boxing shows growing up.  Since then, I have grown to absolutely LOVE IT! It's about strength and will power." said Badry.

"I am diligent and have the determination to succeed. Boxing reflects my personality and I am content and fulfilled by it.   It had made me confident in my daily life. I have become strong in everything I do no matter how difficult it is. Boxing has changed me - it is my oxygen," added Badry.

Copyrighted photo: Guhdar Ali-photography

For Badry, boxing includes intense training which improves her competitive skill.  She has made great sacrifice to compete.

Badry told WBAN, "you sacrifice everyday. As they say in boxing "TRAIN HARD, FIGHT EASY". Focus."

Badry ultimate goal is to someday become a world champion, and she feels that it is an achievable dream for her.

"I have great passion for the hardest game of all--boxing.  The joy of pain and hard work is a part of life for any top class fighter. I have the ability and what it takes to do it. My boxing journey began when I started in a fitness boxing class offered at the gym I was working out at  I was 27 years old. My instructor, a former boxing pro noticed my natural abilities in boxing and convinced me to consider joining a real boxing gym and learn to fight competitively," said Badry.

One year after joining Badry joined a boxing club she fought in her first sanctioned bout as a amateur boxer.

Badry said, "The adrenaline rush and feelings I experienced when I first entered the ring is a feeling like nothing I had ever experienced before. I won my first bout and found a love for the intensity of competition! Within four years representing Alberta,  I made it to the 2009 Canadian Nationals held in Trois Rivier, Montreal, the best in Canada at my weight class fighting in the 57 kilo weight class(125 pounds)."

"I did get into boxing a bit late in age, but because of my fitness level, conditioning and disciplined lifestyle. I have since realized that age is truly just a number and its never too late to try.  I've achieved milestones at an accelerated pace at a much older age than most competitors."

"Having success with wins in Alberta Golden Glove tournaments and finishing in the winners bracket at the Canadian Nationals. Most of the women I have fought are much younger and have had a lot more experience than myself."

"My success is due to my strong work ethic and belief in myself matched with some of the best conditioning and boxing coaches who have brought me to the next level making the transition to professional boxing."

When Badry is not training in boxing, she also does things outside the room to keep in top condition.  She runs, sprints, does some weight training, off road bike, swim, yoga, hot yoga, plyometric explosive ballistic movement training exercise, tennis and roller blading.  She also hits the stairs and hills on a consistent basis all over the city.

In regards to women fighting in this sport....

Badry said, "It means so much to me to help extinguish the stereo types out there about most female boxers and any age limitations in athletics. To make all who have supported me on my journey proud who have given so much of themselves for my dreams. To also motivate other females to join the sport of boxing. This is what inspires me. I never thought my life's journey would lead me to boxing but rather my journey in boxing began when it found me, and has become the second most important thing in my life next to my family."

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Sunday, 02 August 2015





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