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Most boxing fans would like "world" titles to mean more than just the "world" name on a belt.  But few of the top boxers in the USA or Europe have truly traveled to fight far from home, so genuine "world" competition has been rare. In this October 1999 interview, Australian welterweight champion boxer and kickboxer Sharon Anyos told Dee Williams what motivated her to travel all the way around the world to fight Jane Couch in England later that month!

Dee: Sharon, you may set the record for distance traveled for a women's title bout ... do you see any problems with fighting after such a long trip?

Sharon: It is definitely going to be an exciting journey, and a long awaited one. It has been five years since I have been promised a World Title shot in Kickboxing by traveling to Japan or the U.S.A. Neither of them came off, thank you to my supposed opponents. Therefore this fight is going to let me make my mark on International fighting. I am staying very positive about traveling and I am looking forward to being in the U.K. I don't see any real problems with the travel, as I am focused on what I have to do prior to and once I get there.

Dee: Will you do any special things to prepare for fighting so far from home?

Sharon: I'm sorry, Dee, but all that will stay under wraps for now! Although I will say Aussie Joe Bugner has been a great asset to helping get set in the right direction for overseas competition.

Dee: What makes you want the title so much that you'll fly all around the world to fight for it?

Sharon: It has been my dream to be a World Champion for over ten years now, however I have always had opponents pull out at the last minute. This match was originally set for October 14th at Welterweight Division. However I was advised that my opponent had an issue with the amount of fights I had had prior to a World Title Fight, therefore it was postponed until I had a couple more fights under my belt. This was a hard blow as for over ten years in Australia I have been trying to fight however there is not the quality of opponents here and the ones I do fight do not come running back for a second chance.

Dee: Is it tough to get the competitive matches and build your skills and experience in Australia?

Sharon: It makes it really difficult to have a fight record of numerous fights. However I have had eleven Kickboxing fights. On October 5th I was advised the fight was going ahead on October 31st but it was now to be Lightweight not Welterweight, which has only given me three and a half weeks to lose ten pounds. But, hey ... "a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!"

Dee: You've competed in kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate and now regular boxing. Which do you find most challenging?

Sharon: From all the competitions I have competed in inclusive of Kickboxing - Muay Thai - Karate and Boxing, I would say they are all challenging because each one lead a path to where I stand today. So in their time they have each been challenging and I have learnt so much from each one.

Dee: Which do you prefer?

Sharon: I think boxing is my preferred.

Dee: Will you stay with one sport from now on, or do you plan still to compete in them all?

Sharon: It depends what I'm offered as to what I'll do. I'm not one to close any doors. I like to keep my options open.

Dee: How do male boxers in Australia respond to women stepping into the ring?

Sharon: As long as the women can fight and train with the same dedication, then they are respected for what they do. I would have to say on a personal note I do not agree with men and women competing against each other. I don't believe it is doing any justice for promoting women's boxing today.

Dee: Is there someone who's been your mentor, or a role model?

Sharon: I have had a few role models in my career starting with my father/trainer, Les. He is an inspiration to everything I do and we are well regarded as the "Twins" we train, teach and socialize together. Ian Jacobs, the World Middleweight Kickboxing/Muay Thai Champion has done so much to inspire me in any avenue of training. Also Julian Holland, Australian Undefeated Welterweight Boxing Champion, and Kostya Tszyu of course. These are all brilliant men at what they do and their dedication. I would also have to say my Mum, Beryl. She taught me from a very early age that a strong woman can make anything of her life in a Man's World.

Dee: Who are the boxers you most admire, or enjoy watching?

Sharon: I'd have to say all good fighters, because it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to be a good fighter and we can all learn from each other. The likes of De La Hoya, Holyfield, Lewis are just outstanding and I hope to be able to be on one of their cards in the near future.

Dee: Do you have any plans to fight in the U.S.A.?

Sharon: There are currently negotiations in the wind with U.S.A. but nothing's concrete yet.

Dee: Thanks for taking time out from training to talk to us, Sharon.

Sharon: I really appreciate you giving me the time for this interview and I thank all my supporters who have looked after me in the past. "Wildthing" cannot wait to land in foreign turf to fight it out!

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Page last updated: Wednesday, April 7, 2004

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