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Super Welterweight Lucia Morelli, of Italy, and born March 17, 1979, who fights out of Germany, turned up in Tommy’s Club in March 2005 for her first kickboxing lesson.  She had never taken part in any martial art practice before that, but was she was very muscular and fit, as she had engaged in athletics and power training.

Lucia made very good progress within a very short time and showed an indomitable eagerness to train. She disliked holidays, and so it came about, that she had her first one on one session with her trainer, on a holiday when the gym was closed for business.

It was decided, that she should take part in a kickboxing tournament, which was scheduled to take place in Bavaria six months later. But things turned out differently. She suffered an injury to her ribs in the back area, and was unable to train using kicks. But as she was highly motivated, and did not want to put her training on hold, she concentrated on her boxing training.

While training in boxing it became obvious, that Lucia’s talent was for this sport. Lucia couldn’t believe it, when her trainer prophesied a career in boxing for her. He suggested she concentrated 100 per cent on boxing. The precondition was full commitment and training 6 days a week.

From that day on, Lucia Morelli only had the one objective: to become a pro boxer. As she was already 26 years old at the time, there was no time for her to go through the amateur ranks. Therefore the highest commandment was basic training, initially.

Asked about Lucia’s strongest points, her trainer answers: “Lucia has an absolute will to win, a very good eye for boxing, and a huge fighting heart. These are qualities you cannot train; they are parts of Lucia’s baggage from home. Outside the ring, she lives and breathes for boxing and trains as if she was possessed. A trainer cannot wish for anything better to happen.”

That hits it right on the head. Lucia Morelli is possessed by this sport, and lives for getting into the ring and winning. And that is despite a daily routine consisting of getting up at 5 am to get to work at her employer “Schäfer Kunststofftechnik”. It is physical work, i.e. 8 hours standing, walking, standing. Knocking off time is at 4 p.m., which just leaves time to take care of a little shopping before going to the gym.

However, she doesn’t limit herself to her own gym, but seeks connections; other good gyms, other trainers. Lucia’s most important step, was probably to go to the Warrior Gym in Karlsruhe. Well known boxers like Regina Halmich, Bettina Völker and Maja Frenzel train here.

Karlsruhe is about 50 miles from Offenburg, the hometown of Lucia. She was so warmly welcomed there, that she gladly makes the journey there every week for the Sunday sparring session. That was in September 2005 and only 2 months later, Jürgen Lutz – trainer of Regina Halmich – arranged the first pro fight for Lucia Morelli.

Lucia fought Romy Carsten of Dresden on 27th November, 2005. But fate played her a trick, that forced her to go the hard way. Although she threw a very hard straight right in the second round, and had her opponent on the verge of a knockout, the punch caused a fracture in her right hand. The fracture required an operation, to insert a metal plate. Lucia won the fight by a four-round unanimous decision.

“Quitting” does not exist in the vocabulary of Lucia “Lion Heart”, as her trainer likes to call her. After two weeks post operation layoff the training of her left hand and footwork continued. Exactly as intensive as before the operation, perhaps with even more intensity and determination.

Lucia can put full strain on her right hand again in February 2006, and she is told that her next fight is scheduled for May. Part of her preparation for her next fight is a training session conducted by Chuck Thalami. Chuck is also enthusiastic about the talent of Lucia and phones Jürgen Lutz after the training session to inquire, if Lucia already has a permanent trainer. Even now, a year later, Lucia looks fondly back on the great experience of taking part in a training session with the legendary trainer Chuck Thalami.

The fight against Jana Hernandez following shortly thereafter, on 27th May, 2006, was ended by Lucia 1:40 into the first round. After that, the following fights:

22nd July, 2006 against Maria McKenzie on points after 6 rounds; 2nd September, 2006 against Kada Vier, TKO in Round 3; 1st October, 2006 against Conny Zimmer (No. 3 in Europe WIBF at the time) KO in round 3.
11th November, 2006 against the experienced Borislava Goranova, Lucia wins on points after 6 rounds. [full details on Morelli's record, go here]

Thereafter follows the removal of the metal plate in the right hand. Training, of course, continues and that pays off. Lucia Morelli receives an invitation from Universum, to fight on the undercard of Luan Krasniqi in Stuttgart on 17th March. Her opponent Olga Bojare doesn’t stand a chance, and her trainer saves her from a knockout in the 3rd round when he throws the towel. Although Lucia had given a very powerful performance, she was unable to show off her talents as a boxer. Her opponent on this occasion was too weak, and Lucia needs stronger opposition to shine.
Even though we haven’t heard from Universum after that, we have not lost hope. We will, of course, try our luck in Germany this year. But, in the meantime, we now also have very good connections in France and Italy.

Nadja Hockmi, who narrowly lost against Susianna Kentikian, lives and trains in Strasbourg, only 12 miles away. Lucia helped Nadja intensively in her preparations; twice a week she went to France for sparring.
The world champion in Lucia’s weight division, Anne-Sophie Mathis of Dombasle, is presently preparing for the rematch against Mirijam Lamare. She made her way to Strasbourg, particularly to spar Lucia. After 6 rounds of sparring, Mathis’ trainer Cordier, asked Lucia to come to Dombasle for frequent sparring sessions.

So Lucia is already training at „world champion“ level, and sooner or later she will get the chance to fight for one of the desired belts.

Her trainer and coach, Andy Preuss makes an effort to involve her in everything that can further her progress.

November 2006 when Maja Frenzel boxed against Susi Kentikian for the Intercontinental Title, Lucia was in Maja’s corner together with her trainer. Also in May 2007, as Bettina Völker fought for the European Title against Simona Galassi in Forli, Lucia was next to her trainer in the Völker’s corner.

What is in store for Lucia? Either a German promoter will approach us, or we will look abroad for opportunities. Which road we will be following is unimportant. “The Road is the Goal” does not apply here, for the goal was determined a good while ago.

Bio by: Andreas Preuss

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