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One on One Interview With Olga “The Hurricane” Heron
By: Rick McLean
of Toronto, Canada
©Photo by Durell Wambolt
  (JUN 17) I recently had the chance to sit down with 26 year old Mississauga native Olga “The Hurricane” Heron after the Ali -Toughill bout to talk about her upcoming bout against Amy Johnson (4-0-1, 1KO).

The event is being held on June 18, 2005 live on pay per view in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at 7:30 Central time, 9:30 Eastern time. Canadians will have a chance to see the event by replay on TSN.

Don’t let Olga Heron's 3-5 1KO record fool you; she is much better than her record indicates. She has fought very tough opponents in the past such as Lisa Brown, a World Champion, and top contender Jelena Mrdjenovich twice in the past. Heron has not taken the easy road to pad her record like some women boxers have done, or fight solely in her hometown with the same promoter to easily secure a judges decision. Heron is willing to travel anywhere and box anyone in her weight class.

She plans to display good, quality boxing skills from a women’s perspective and use her defensive skills to neutralize Johnson’s attack and land some solid counter punches of her own. Olga looks to be in great shape and says she will have no problem if the match goes the scheduled six rounds. Olga knows that Johnson is tough, having seen her get knocked down and get back up in her match against
Tonya Harding. The Harding bout was a contest in which many felt that Johnson fought a dirty and that it was a controversial match. More

However, Olga is ready,  having sparred with fellow professional boxer and Mississauga native Leona Richardson. Richardson who usually fights at 146 pounds has helped prepare Olga for any negative situations that might arise.

Olga stated, "The sparring sessions have been wars!"  In addition, Olga has learned from experience having boxed Jelena Mrdjenovich twice before. Olga felt those matches were a little dirty as well and she was not prepared physically to be wrestling as much as they were.

There have been significant changes made since Olga’s last match, a six-round unanimous decision loss to
Leona "DownTown" Brown . She took two months off to do a self reflection on whether or not she wanted to continue as a pro because she was out of shape at the time of the match especially since she was only given two weeks notice for the fight.

Olga felt it was very unprofessional and unhealthy for her because she had to lose twelve pounds in less than two weeks. After the two months,  Olga and  her husband, Andrew, hit the gym five times a week to work on the little things and the bad habits that she picked up over the years. Since then Olga’s passion for the sport has been rebuilt and has been training diligently with Andrew.

Heron was a ballet dancer who got into boxing to stay in shape, improve her flexibility, and her conditioning. She has a deep religious devotion and prayed for guidance on what to do with her life. Her religious devotion is a phenomenal thing to witness and she lives her life in a very positive manner. She has been very involved in the boxing profession and with Andrew own Huf Executive Fitness in Mississauga. Olga enjoyed the sparring sessions and did not mind being hit; she found it a lot of fun and was eager to find out everything she could about women’s boxing. She feels that boxing is an ongoing process because there has never been a match where you are not hit thus there is always something to work on and practice.

Olga’s short term goal for this year is to try to have a match every month. She wants to stay as active as possible. She stands 5’3", and is willing to box anywhere between 122 and 130 pounds so there should be plenty of opportunities out there for her. Heron’s long term goal is to win a title, hopefully a Canadian title by the end of this year. Olga recently finished her Italian citizenship and wants to pursue matches in Europe and hopes to win a European and a World title someday.

Olga told me that has no concerns about the state of women’s boxing and likes that promoters have now started to have all female cards. She feels that the women’s skill levels are continually rising. Heron would like to see promoters put on more matches in the Toronto area because there are so many women boxers in the area that cannot find any bouts.

Olga feels that there are no boxers out there who are negative for the sport. She gave the example of Laila Ali. Many feel that Ali uses her father’s name however Olga has met her and knows how hard Ali trains and how serious she takes the sport, and how far along her training and technique has come along.

Olga said, "Every match that I have been in is a learning experience--both in boxing and spiritually and I cannot wait for Saturday night."

To contact Rick McLean: riggs196@hotmail.com 
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