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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Two Fight Cards, Two Female Bouts in the Big Apple
by Bernie McCoy-March 31, 2010   Full Story


The NABF and Six Rounds: "Burying the Lede"
By Bernie McCoy-January 25, 2010  Full Story


Behind the Scenes In New Mexico
By Sue TL Fox-December 8, 2009   Part 1   Part 2  Part 3


One on One Interview: Julia Fikus of Germany
 By Marcin Zimerman -Poland November 12, 2009  Full Story


WBAN to make history in Europe
October 7, 2009   Full Story


"Red Flags" that hinder Some Women in the Sport
By Sue TL Fox -August 26, 2009   Full Story


Film: After the Last Round
by Sue TL Fox-August 6, 2009   Full Story


Three In One Interviews!
by Chris Akers -July 31, 2009  Full Story


Promoter Fails to Pay World Champion Lisa Brown
By Team Brown -July 29, 2009   Full Story


Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Lenny Fresquez
by Sue TL Fox-July 22, 2009  Full Story


"Bruising" by Mischa Merz: A Review
by Bernie McCoy-July 20, 2009   Full Story


Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Jane Couch
by Sue TL Fox -July 12, 2009  Full Story


and other sites!  July 7, 2009 Full Story


Don King Announces Michael Jackson Tribute As Part of July 11 Event-July 6, 2009  Full Story


20 Minutes With Emiko "Fujin" Raika
Photos & Story by Lori Steinhorst-July 3, 2009  Full Story


Interview: Layla McCarter / Luis Tapia
by Carlos Medina -July 1, 2009  Full Story


Joe Dwyer: Boxing Guy -by Bernie McCoy
June 30, 2009  Full Story


Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Britain's Female Boxing Promoter Miranda Carter! By Sue TL Fox
June 29, 2009   Full Story


Ex-world champion Xiyan Zhang eyes gold in London Olympics -By Zhenyu Li, from Qian'an city of Hebei Province, China -June 20, 2009 Full Story


Strong ringmaster commands boxing arena in One Ring Circus -A Book Review -By Kat Ricker-June 18, 2009  Link


Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Promoter Roy Englebrecht-by Sue TL Fox-June 14, 2009 Full Story


WBAN Celebrates 11 years on the Net
by Sue TL Fox -June 8, 2009  Full Story


Straight Talk: One on One Interview with Promoter Jerry Hoffman -Interviewed by Sue TL Fox -June 6, 2009 Full Story


One on One Interview with Mandy Bujold
by Rick McLean
-June 3, 2009   Full Story


The Return of Jolene Blackshear - Interviewed by
Bob Marovitz - May 27, 2009 Full Story


One on One Interview with Brooke Dierdorff! By Sue TL Fox
WBAN had an opportunity to talk with Brooke Dierdorff this week and go one on one in an interview.  - April 19, 2009 Full Story


New Kid on the Block: 10-year old Holdsworth! Source: Vaia Zaganas 10-year old Shalynn Holdsworth has already taken a liking to amateur boxing-April 18, 2009...Full Story


One on One Interview with Karen Dulin
by Rick McLean - April 4, 2009
 Full Story


Susie Q Ramadan Retains Title
By Mischa Merz -March 22, 2009 Full Story


Yes---Kentikian IS the Real Deal!
By Sue TL Fox-March 21, 2009  Full Story


Update and Clarification of the Official WBAN Patches
by Sue TL Fox
March 20, 2009
Full Story


Women's Boxing Grows in the Garden
By Bernie McCoy - February 24, 2009
Full Story


Malpartida TKOs Shea, Wins WBA Crown..
By Bernie McCoy
 - February 23, 2009
Full Story


Mary McGee and Maureen Shea: Two for the Show
by Bernie McCoy -February 2, 2009
Full Story


One on One Interview with Amateur Boxer
Ariane Fortin-
by Rick McLean January 31, 2009 Full Story


Women's Boxing: "The Future Lies Ahead"
by Bernie McCoy -January 19, 2009
Full Story


A few Words from WBAN
By Sue TL Fox - February 18, 2009
Full Story


One on One Interview with Jacqueline Park!
By Rick McLean -February 12, 2009
Full Story


The Serrano's are back!
by Team Serrano - December 31, 2007 Go Here


Ana Julaton: The Next "Phenom"?
By Bernie McCoy - December 31, 2007 Go Here


WBAN’s "Wish List" for 2008
By Sue TL Fox - December 22, 2007 Go Here


Primer Round Magazine features Carina Moreno
By Mario Serrano -December 21, 2007 Go Here


Star Boxing and Paradise Theater Announce 2008 Fights
Press Release - December 20, 2007 Go Here


Fountain "a real challenge"
by Ewan Whyte - December 13, 2007 Go Here


The Assassin-slayer
By Ewan Whyte -December 11, 2007 Go Here


Mrdjenovich/Olivo: Old Story, New Twist
By Bernie McCoy! 
December 10, 2007  Go Here


Achieng Wins by close six-round decision
By Edward Sande -
December 10, 2007 Go Here


Kentikian takes over Halmich's Belt
By Torben L. of Denmark - December 9, 2007
 Go Here


Laracuente Ripped in Africa?
December 3, 2007
 Go Here


David Selwyn: One Candle
By Bernie McCoy -
November 17, 2007
 Go Here


Fools Gold
by Jill Diamond - November 7, 2007
 Go Here


Jill Emery: Next Act
By Bernie McCoy - November 4, 2007 Go Here


The continuing saga of Jelena vs. Jeannine
October 18, 2007
 Go Here


Saccurato/Rakoczy: One Thing Missing
By Bernie McCoy
- October 8, 2007  Go Here


McGee TKO'd Moorehead in First Round (Chuckle)
by Sue TL Fox September 25, 2007 
 Go Here


Missy Fiorentino: Easy to Spot
By Bernie McCoy - September 24, 2007
 Go Here


Snippets From Around the World in the News!
Source: Ewan Whyte -June 23, 2006
 Go Here


Nongmai Sor Siriporn Pardoned By the King of Thailand
June 23, 2006
 Go Here


Snippets of news from around the world
By Ewan Whyte - September 9, 2006
 Go Here


"You're Erin Toughill"
By Bernie McCoy - May 5, 2005
 Go Here


Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Kerin
By Bob Marovitz -May 5, 2005  Go Here


Mia St. John to be featured on "Extra"!
By Sue TL Fox  -May 5, 2005  Go Here


Top Ten Reasons to NOT take a fight!
By Sue TL Fox -May 5, 2005  Go Here


The Talk of a Mixed Match Rears it's ugly head..again
By Sue TL Fox
- April 28, 2005  Go Here


"A Ring of Their Own" Deserves Better
By Bernie McCoy - April 24, 2005  Go Here


Pollack: Neutral Observer of the Anani vs Dallam bout
By Adam Pollack  April 24, 2005  Go Here


Anani: "To Stephanie Dallam, with love"
By Sumya Anani -April 23, 2005  Go Here


Dallam: Setting the Record Straight
By Stephanie Dallam -April 22, 2005  Go Here


The thoughts of an Athlete!
By Jo Jo Wyman
- April 21, 2005  Go Here


"Baby Girl" Robinson's Open Letter!
April 8, 2005  Go Here


Halmich's Interview on WBAN!
By Rick McLean
-April 7, 2005  Go Here


One on One Interview with Hollie Dunaway!
By Rick McLean - April 6, 2005  Go Here


WBAN Goes One on One with Lucia Rijker!
By Sue TL Fox
- March 31, 2005  Go Here


Elena Reid, Lucia Rijker and more
By David A. Avila
- March 22, 2005  Go Here


Asa Sandell Visits With Amy Green
by Amy Green - March 19, 2005  Go Here


Crazy Matchmaking!
by Sue TL Fox
- March 3, 2005  Go Here


Heather Percival vs. Tracy Carlton II 
By Mara Castillon -August 28, 2004  Go Here


Fighters fight, Promoters promote....If Only
By Bernie McCoy - August 20, 2004 Go Here


Mariana “Golden Girl” Juarez Fights Linda Tenberg in Houston
By David A. Avila -Maxboxing.com -August 5, 2004  Go Here


WBAN's Sixth Year on the Net -By Sue TL Fox
August 4, 2004  Go Here


Harding’s Team protests fight!
by Sue TL Fox -July 28, 2004 Go Here


Double Shot from Ali and Yahya!
By Laila Ali & Johnny "Yahya" McClain June 21, 2004 Go Here


How can ANY boxer be rated when they NEVER won a fight?! By Sue TL Fox -June 19, 2004 Go Here


Ann Wolfe: Act Like You've Been There Before
By Bernie McCoy -June 2, 2004  Go Here


Rijker Talks about her fight with Fettkether!
By Sue TL Fox -May 27, 2004 -  Go Here


Another Bogus World Title Fight on the Books
By Sue TL Fox -May 21, 2004  Go Here


McClain Gives an Inside and "his side" of the Ali-Taylor fight
By Sue TL Fox -May 17, 2004  Go Here


Chevelle Hallback and Mary Jo Sanders Fight for Junior Welter Title -By David A. Avila -May 19, 2004 Go Here


Reality Show "The Contender" to have tryouts in Kim "Fireball" Messer's Gym! By Sue TL Fox-  2004  Go Here


Kelsey Jeffries: Making Her Own Breaks
By Sean Newman
By Sue TL Fox- June 6, 2004  Go Here


Exclusive One on One Interview with Sanders!
By Sue TL Fox -April 8, 2004  Go Here


Women's Boxing NOT new to Clint Eastwood!
By Sue TL Fox -April 8, 2004  Go Here


Exclusive One on One Interview with Sanders!
By Sue TL Fox -April 8, 2004  Go Here


Collision Day for Stephanie Dobbs and Vaia Zaganas Title Fight -By Mara Castillon -April 7, 2004 Go Here


One on One Interview with Blanca Luna!
Conducted by Sue TL Fox
March 26, 2004  Go Here


Eliza Olson Interview
By Sue TL Fox
February 13, 2004  Go Here


WBAN Goes One on One with Wolfe AND her team!
By Sue TL Fox
February 9, 2004  Go Here


Elizabeth Kerin: A New Heavyweight Threat!
Interview  by Bob Marovitz-
January 26, 2004  Go Here


WBAN Meets Up with Trish Hill!
By Sue TL Fox -January 11, 2004  Go Here


One on One Interview with one of  Trinidad's Top Women boxers! By Sue TL Fox - July 19, 2003  Go Here


WBAN Talks with the "Raging Beauty!" (Isra Girgrah)
By Sue TL Fox- June 4, 2003  Go Here


WBAN Goes One on One with Sumya Anani
By Sue TL Fox
- May 16, 2003  Go Here


WBAN Goes One on One with Sumya Anani
By Sue TL Fox
- May 16, 2003  Go Here


Atlanta Trainer Has Three Of A Kind on ESPN Card
By Brian Ackley 
- April 18, 2003  Go Here


WBAN Goes One on One with Sumya Anani
By Sue TL Fox
- May 16, 2003  Go Here

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