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January 31, 2002 - Magangue, Colombia
Junior welterweight Darys Pardo, Colombia, TKO2 Maria Mancilla. Pardo improved her record to 14-1-1 (11KO).

January 31, 2002 - San Diego, California 
Junior welterweights Rebecca Kovacs won a  four-round unanimous decision over Christy Wright.

January 31, 2002 - Hollywood Park Casino, Inglewood, California
In the main event, Jo Jo Wyman won by a close split decision over Karen Martin--great fight. (Six rounds) Also, Cynthia Prouder TKO4 Bambi Bertoncello when her team threw in the towel during the break after the third round, in a scheduled six rounds. TL Fox met up with Fredia "The Cheetah" Gibbs, Laura Serrano, Marsha Valley, Wendy Rodriguez, Nadine Salim, Juli Crockett,  and Sandy "The Shark" Yard, tonight and yesterday at the weigh-in. 

January 26, 2002 Detroit, Michigan
Angela Simpson of Detroit won a four-round unanimous decision over pro debuter Michelle Gilbert of Flint. Simpson is now 2-0 (1KO), and Gilbert is 0-1.

January 25, 2002 - Dover, Delaware

At the "Friday Night Showdown" with a sellout crowd of over 1,600, in the first fight card that has ever been held at Rollins Center, Vienna "The Philly Stalker" Williams knocked out Dawne George, Garner, Massachusetts,   in a IWBF154-lb junior middleweight title fight. Williams knocked George to the canvas with a hard right just seconds before the first round had ended. In the beginning of the second round, Williams spent little time in KO’ing her opponent. Williams improved her record to 7-1-0, with her only loss going to Ann "Brown Sugar" Wolfe. George fell to 4-9-1 (0KO).  In the second’s women’s bout of the night Philadelphia's Lakeysha "Total Package" Williams won by a close decision over Leona "Downtown" Brown in a bantamweight bout. Brown was knocked down by Williams during this six-rounder. Williams improved her record to 4-3-1. and Brown fell to 9-9-0 (4KO).   Considered the best fight of the night was a draw between Elena "Baby Doll" Reid, 112, 6-1-2 (3KO), and Luz Rodriguez, 113, 1-2-1.. Both lady’s gave it their all which is more than can be said for the rest of the card.

January 25, 2002 - Walter C. Young Pavilion, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Ada "The Ace" Velez, of Fort Lauderdale,120, stopped Angie Bordelon, 120.5, when she knocked Bordelon to the canvas twice, in the second round. The ref stopped the fight at 1:54 in the second round.  Velez is now 10-0-0 (5KO), Bordelon dropped to 2-6-0. 

January 25, 2002 - San Antonio, Texas
Texan Audrey Vela, 119.5 TKO2 Isabel Manyseng, 116.  Manyseng, who trains at Angel's Boxing Gym, was stopped by Vela of Austin at 0:25 of the second round; and Maribel Zurita, 111,  had a four-round majority draw with Gracie Olivarez, 111.5, 2-1-1, of Zarzamora Street Gym and  Olivares, 0-0-1, of Houston battled to a four-round majority draw. 

January 25, 2002 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
At the Isleta Casino, newcomer woman boxers (both making their pro debut)  Holly Holm, 141,  stopped her opponent Martha Orozca, 141.7, in the third round. In the second women’s match, where another new boxer from Los Lunas, New Mexico, Monica Michel, 117.5,  was fighting a much more experienced opponent, Adriana Delgado, 118.8, fought a toe-to-toe four rounder resulting with Delgado winning a close decision. Delgado improved her record to 8-2-1 (3KO), and Michel remains winless as a pro at 0-2-0.  

January 24, 2002 - Charlotte, North Carolina
This event was a "Black Tie Affair" that featured Carrie Flock, 148,  TKO1 Jackie Starkey, 146.  Flock made it a short night for Starkey when she stopped Starkey 20 seconds into the first round. After the fight Starkey said that she was retiring from the sport.   Joe Frazier, among other celebrities were at this event. 

January 24, 2002 - Topeka, Kansas
Tonya Taylor, a 19-year-old Topekan, pounded out a unanimous four-round decision over Tammy McGuire in a women's flyweight event.  Taylor, stepping in the ring for the first time as either an amateur or pro, won by counts of 39-37, 39-37 and 40-36 on the three judges' scorecards.

January 24, 2002, Houston, Texas
On a Browning Boxing Production, there were two women’s boxing matches featured on the card. Houston’s Lanie Ellis remained undefeated with 7-0-0 (3KO), after she won a four-round unanimous decision with Kristi Sepulvado of Shrieveport, Louisiana.  Ellis knocked Sepulvado down in the fourth round. Judges scoring was 40-35, 39-37, and 39-37.  Sepulvado fell to 0-9-1. There was also a heavyweight that featured Yolanda Swindell,  of Houston, who was making her pro debut, Renee Torres, of Galveston. Swindell TKO1 Torres in the first round at the 1:01. Swindell is now 1-0-0 (1KO), and Torres fell to 0-2-0. 

January 22, 2002 - Gdynia, Poland
Aga Rylik,
140.5, TKO5 Tracy Wilcox, 134.5, in a scheduled six-round fight. Due to a lack of documentation of Wilcock's record, WBAN has her 0-1-0 after her fight with Rylik.  Rylik is now 11-0 (10KO).  

January 19, 2002 Buenos Aires, Argentina Marcela Acuna stopped her opponent in 12 seconds,  when she fought Patricia Quirico in their first Argentina women’s title fight. Acuña is the first women’s boxing champion of Argentina. Acuña said that she felt bad that her opponent did not say anything to her but did demonstrate that she is a serious boxer. This was Quirico's first fight and she is now 0-1-0.  Acuna is 7-2-0.

January 18, 2002 - Raleigh, North Carolina
On ESPN2 and in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gina Greenwald, 129.5 lbs., fought out of weight class with 145 lb.  Mia St. John.  Greenwald managed to put on 4 1/2 lbs., and St. John took off eight pounds (since yesterday folks), and the two fought a four rounder. For Greenwald fighting totally out of weight class and being over-matched, she held her own for the duration of the fight, but it was not enough and St. John won by a unanimous decision. Amazing as it may seem, at the end of the fight, St. John said to the TV cameras, "Hey, Christy Martin." It is absolutely obvious, to not only boxing fans, WBAN, and anyone that has 20-20 vision, that St. John should not get within a football field of the "Coal Miner’s Daughter." Fat paycheck or not, this fight would be nothing more than a farce on the public---End of Story. Final scorecards of this fight was 40-35 by all judges. Greenwald fell to 2-6. St. John is now 23-1-1.  This was an unbelievably poor matchup---and there was no honor in defeating a fighter out of weight class, and a fighter with a 2 win record. Shame on the matchmaker(s) of this fight.  Shame on the North Carolina boxing commission for approving the match up. Shame on ESPN2 for even having the fight on their card. Shame on Greenwald’s team for allowing her to fight out of weight class, and lastly, Shame on Mia St. John’s team for taking advantage of an inferior and out-of-weight-class opponent.  Sue TL Fox 01/18/02

January 17, 2002 - Michael's Eighth Avenue, Glen Burnie, MD
Kanicia Eley,  TKO1 Connie Bechtel.   During the first round of this rematch, Kanicia hit Connie with a variety of punches including a right hand that sent Connie reeling to the ropes. Referee Kenny Chevalier stopped the fight 1:59 of the first round.  Kanicia is now 2-0-0 with one KO. Eley's team said, "She would love to fight any of the fighters that keep calling out "the lady in pink". Lets see if Mia or Olga (Vlasova) can get by Kanicia before tying to get to the top fighters.

January 17, 2002 - Bakersfield, California
At the Centennial Garden  in the semi-main event, Fresno's Jenifer Alcorn, 133 3/4 lbs., fought a Lightweight six-rounder with Lisa Lewis, 133, and won by a unanimous decision.  Alcorn remains undefeated with her record improving to 11-0.  Lewis is now(2-5). Craig Ogawa said, "unbeaten lightweight Jennifer Alcorn of Fresno, California defeated crosstown rival Lisa Lewis by unanimous decision in a match which drew a standing ovation from the crowd. There were no knockdowns though the fight seemed close to ending when Alcorn unleashed a stunning barrage of punishing shots that lasted the entire 2nd round." (Final scorecards:  59-55, 59-55, 60-54.)  Ogawa said that there was some pre-fight talk in the media about a grudge between the two women that my have been a bit of media hype.  Ogawa said that according to Alcorn's husband, Brad, that the "prediction" was misquoted, and that what she actually said was that she goes for a knockout.  Brad said, "As a team, we train for a knockout. We don't want it to go to the judges."

January 13, 2002 - Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
With close to a full crowd, Alicia Ashley had a six- round draw with Layla McCarter in the 126 lbs. division.   There were no knockdowns, and throughout the fight Ashley had some good combination exchanges.  Ashley's being a southpaw made the fight look a little awkward at times.  

January 12, 2002 -Laughlin, Nevada
Dawn Reynolds won a four-round unanimous decision over Brandy Leon. Reynolds improved her record to 3-0-0 (0KO), and Leon has dropped to 1-6-9.  

January 11, 2002 - Amateur Boxing- Wisconsin
When friends fight someone always comes in second. And second in a boxing match means a loss. This was the case at the USA - Wisconsin Amateur Boxing Championship preliminaries Friday, Jan. 11, at the United Community Center, 1028 S. Ninth Street, Milwaukee, when Alicia Walcher, 14, 109, 0-0, of Peshtigo Boxing Club, faced her friend and teammate 14-year-old Crystal Willis, 108, 1-2, also of the Peshtigo club. Give Walcher a big hand, though: She had been boxing just one week but wanted to take the bout so badly that her coach Willy Price agreed to let her box against the more practiced Willis for the ring experience. 



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