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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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TL Fox:  You have been in boxing for several years now... How do you see the sport today, in comparison to what the sport was when you first began?

Serrano:  I have seen a lot of progress in the sport.  Even in my country (Mexico), because four years ago, women's boxing was not allow in the capital (D.F.)  I have seen many girls working out and fighting and the fans love it now.

TL Fox:  What made you decide to leave Mexico, and move to the United States?  Was it the frustration of all of the opposition you had to deal with to box in Mexico?

Serrano: My former manager, Greg Hanneley, offered me to come to Las Vegas, and I thought that it was a good opportunity for me, mainly because the best business people (promoters, locations, mass media, opponents) in boxing are here.  But the frustration of the opposition in my own country reinforced my decision.

TL Fox:   When you fought Christy Martin in 1994, and the fight was declared a draw, did you feel that you won that fight, and if so, why?  Did you try to get a rematch with Martin to settle the "Controversial draw?"

Serrano: It's not that I "felt" I won, I knew I won.  In regards to the rematch, Christy asked me right after the fight for a rematch, but we never did fight.  I would like to fight her again and the fans could see who is the best. 

TL Fox:  Who was your toughest opponent?

Serrano: Deirdre Gogarty was my toughest opponent, and the reason is because she is "strong."  She has a nice technique, and is always in very good condition, and she is a smart fighter.

TL Fox:  After having a draw with Melissa Salamone, has Salamone's team tried to get a rematch with you, or you with her?

Serrano:  Actually, I did sign the contract for the rematch, the promoter was Luis from Cuba, the fight was going to be in Miccosokee (Miami) again, in her hometown again.  But, she didn't want to fight.  Maybe she doesn't want me to defeat her one more time.

TL Fox:  What is your opinion of the "daughters" of boxing legends that have come on the scene?  And, what do you think of the upcoming Laila Ali / Jacqui Frazier fight?

Serrano: Well, everybody has the right to do whatever they want, but I think that those ladies need a lot of work. They are not ready yet (I mean to really fight), but you know, business is more important than anything.  Laila and Jacqui are going to be another regular match (they can try), nothing special, well, maybe the names.

TL Fox:  Who is on your "hit list"?  

Serrano: I really don't mind, as far as my opponents are good fighters, it's okay with me.  I love to fight the best people in order to prove who I am.

TL Fox:  I know that you are now based out of Las Vegas, do you see women's boxing increasing in that area or decreasing?

Serrano: I see it increasing, but unfortunately not so much (especially purses), although Las Vegas is the capital of boxing, the promoters do not give women  many opportunities to fight.  And,  women's fights, most of the time are the best on the cards. 

TL Fox:  How much longer do you see yourself in the sport?  And, what plans do you have after you retire from boxing?

Serrano: It depends on my fights, on my results, and especially on my health.  After I retire from boxing I would like to work as a lawyer again, and as a journalist.  And, I would like to be a boxing commentator (radio or T.V.)  I have so many ideas for that. 

TL Fox:  Is there anything that you would like to say to boxing fans?

Serrano: I thank them for their support to women's boxing; I wish them the best, God Bless you, Guys!

I would like to say thank you for taking the time to be interviewed for WBAN.  Sue TL Fox


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