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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Where Are They NOW - Part I
July 26, 2010
Part I  Part II  
Part III  Part IV



(JULY 26) WBAN ran a story this week reaching out to the women boxers to get the latest updates on where they are right now and the latest in what they are up to!  We have had a tremendous response and will publish our first update on some of the responses.  Here are the first series of updates on the women boxers.


Hi Sue Fox,  My last fight was with Kelsie Jeffries May 2001 I lost the bout. Though I enjoyed competing I chose to retire for several reasons. As a divorced single parent without a degree I worked alot of unconventional jobs, it allowed me the scheduling to leave and compete in pursuit of a boxing career. I was in and out of court alot with the challenges of fruitless child support battles. I was consumed with anger of the unfairness of my circumstances. It fueled my fight talent for for awhile. I relied alot on my siblings to care for my daughter while i was away competing.

In early 1993, I  started my fight career in both kickboxing and boxing. It was my goal to have made enough to put my daughter and myself through college for a chance to support ourselves towards a better life, it was never about the fame for me. In early 1995 a new WIBF womens boxing organization developed. I was invited and won the WIBF flyweight title beating fighter Regina Halmich. By late 1995 I continued kickboxing beating Kim Messer for the IMTO Muay Thai flyweight title in Fresno California. I successfully went on to defend the boxing WIBF title on ABC Wide World of sports against Brenda Rouse. In late1997 i was unfairly stripped of my WIBF boxing Title (by manager Jimmy Finn) for pursuing the IFBA Bantam weight Title beating Suzanne Ricio Majors, boxing politics at it worst. Continuing to work odd jobs in the outdoor heat started to compromised my training. I began loosing my fights and eventually my titles.The pay for both kickboxing and boxing was just not measuring up for the time and dedication needed to remain a healthy and fit champion. I retired to keep myself from risk of possible injuries.

Trevino Stops Regina Halmich in the fourth round in April of 1995.  She was never able to rematch with Halmich. 

I had also wanted marriage and children, but have yet to find the right person to share that possibility with. After retiring from boxing, I considered MMA but really felt it would be selfish of me if the sport was not going to financially provide for us to live a reasonable lifestyle.
After aquiring training I became employed in the Telecommunications field for the Native American Indian community and eventually felt the need to step up into Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice field. I currently process and watching over inmates and I'm sadden by the revolving door of youthful repeat offenders.

I miss fighting it was really an outlet for me,it kept me focused and disciplined. I commend the women who continue to sacrifice and push toward breaking down the barriers. I'm glad to see womens boxing in the 2012 Olympics, finally the opportunity with the help of corporate sponsorship, women's  boxing will have the recognition they deserve.

My daughter is 23 yrs old now and married and hope to be blessed with grandchildren in the future. Currently, not in the gym anymore, i do run and lift weights, my focus is on staying healthy and investing for senior retirement in the next 20 years. My goal is to be comfortable enough to give back, whether it be youth programs in the community, helping my immediate family and friends. I look toward giving of myself and paying it forward.

Thank you Sue for your dedication, time and effort for the sport of womens boxing.The progress has proven you have really made an impact.

Sincerely, Yvonne


I am learning more and more about myself and knowing what true is in my life.....My life changed after having a brain injury and I have learned a lot about myself especially life after boxing. However boxing is on my mind a lot including the workouts. 

So, I have settled down and becoming an artist.......oil painting, water colour, acrylics, pencil drawing.  I will be going back to school this Fall and major in Fine Arts and Communication.  My plan is to be a motivation -inspirational speaker.  I have already been doing some public speaking around town.  I have been working on my documentary. It is also a beginning of a new chapter in my life, like where was I 10 yrs ago? and where am I now?

I am now getting my groove back at age 46 and really trying to take care of myself and hoping that I can give my testimonial of life's experiences, to give back in what was given to me.  I am here to deliver a message and dropping my weight and trying to look good at 46. 

I don't worry about the brain injury "Dementia Pugilistca" any more, I can say,  "I am Brenda Bell that once rung some bells" but dealing with and coping with what I lost and now I have gain comfort within me. So this is it, unless you want more scoop on me.  I have a new website http://brendabell.org  I now blog and its just awesome to tell my life story.  In true respect, Brenda Bell "Tiger Lady"


I own my own boxing and martial arts gym in South Florida. Since my 10 years of retirement from the ring, I get satisfaction through my boxers and their achievements along with their dreams. I help give them a little bit of my experience and guide them along the way. I am still in great shape and can enter in the ring in 6 weeks notice, but no need. I box my fighters to give them understanding and to help them see the light in the ring. I have no interest in stepping into challenge someone in the ring.

I love the Women Amateur program that USA Boxing gives to the girls. I also promote the Women’s National Golden Gloves once a year, where it is great to see these women reach for their goals. I was an assistant coach for the Women’s USA Boxing Team in the 2008 World Games and I will be coaching them again for the 2010 World Games in Barbados, they will be doing their training camp right here at my gym in South Florida. The English Women’s Team will also training at my gym and we will leave together for Barbados. Huge Photos

Tara and Bonnie at the USA Nationals 2010

Let’s talk about Women in Boxing…. when I see all the styles and countries and how they support for there Boxers.  I have reached the highest level of certification with USA Boxing. I am also a level III Officials and am very active in my Local LBC shows.

I feel I am still making a mark through with my fighters. I conduct training camps for other international fighters both pro and amateur as a trainer and coach. They go back home for their fights in the ring and noticed the difference in themselves and their boxing abilities.

I also work with some of the top male boxers. So, I am still living my dreams in the fight world and loving every stress-filled minute of it from the other side. My goal is to be one of the best trainers and coaches in the fight world not just the best female trainer but the best trainer period. I call it moving forward.


Let's see-an update on what's been keeping me busy!

I stopped boxing in 2007 because I turned 35 and Olympic-style boxing doesn't let you compete on the international
level once you are 35. I never turned pro because my heart was in the Olympic movement. I, along with many others, kept up the fight to get women's boxing included in the Olympic Games-which as we all know will finally be included in limited numbers in the 2012 Olympics! We will keep fighting to get more weight classes and athlete slots in 2016.

Despite my retirement from competing, I am more involved in the sport than ever! I was elected to the USA Boxing Board of Directors as have served as the only women on the Board for four years. I also serve as the Chair of the Athlete Advisory Council of USAB, a group of athletes from around the country that represent all 25,000 USAB athletes in areas of governance in USAB.  I am the US athlete representative to the newly formed international AIBA Athlete Commission. This has not been an easy journey for me as the political and governance side of Olympic-style boxing can be very difficult and daunting at the best of times, and we are currently going through yet another major leadership change. Hopefully good things are in store for the sport of Olympic boxing!

In 2009, I was team manager for Team USA at the Women's Continentals in Ecuador. Team USA brought home 8 medals in that event! On the local level, I coached a boxing team for two years and now am in school full-time getting my Master's Degree in Recreation Management. In the summers I work as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service. I am currently working on my masters thesis which is examining barriers and constraints elite-level US female boxers face when trying to get podium prepared in international competition including the new opportunity of competing at the Olympic Games.

That's what is keeping me busy these days. If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks for doing this and continuing to get the word out about women's boxing!


I am the owner of Biggers Industrial LLC in Shelby, North Carolina.  We sell machine shop equipment and industrial supplies.  That is where all of my time is spent mostly. My only hobby now is riding my custom bike.

I miss boxing.  It was a great time in my life. I enjoyed the
most of the people I met and I still keep in contact with some of my old opponents. Boxing is a hard game to be in, I wish all of those that are in it or plan to be, the best of luck.


Besides working, I have been staying in the gym. Of course not training to fight anymore, [Rita was seriously injured with a brain injury after a fight she had in 2009] but am now more involved on the "other" side of the ropes. I do have some amateurs I am training that are really gonna start making some noise. I am also still active in teaching at Degerberg Academy - the martial arts school I have been involved with for many years.

My team has been involved with making some positive changes regarding the Illinois State Commission regulations, and although I am proud of what Team "La Guera" has been able to get accomplished, there is much yet to do.

I am extremely grateful for all the well wishes and positive thoughts. Boxing is not just something I enjoy, it is a part of my life, and will continue to be.

I have had more time to get on the Harley or go fishing, but certainly do miss the training for a fight, cheer of the crowds, fans etc....Life is good!   RIP Francisco "Paco" Rodriguez

Biographies of these boxers are located on the Boxers Profiles segment

More to come--we have a lot of updates to post!  For women boxers who would like to be featured in this series, email WBAN!

Sue Tl Fox's Facebook profile

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