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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Where are they NOW - Part II
July 28,  2010
Photo of Ali w/child
Part I  Part II  
Part III  Part IV



(JULY 28) In the second installment of "Where are they NOW", WBAN will publish our next set of updates on the women boxers.  As just a review, WBAN ran a story this week reaching out to the women boxers to get the latest updates on where they are right now and the latest in what they are up to!  We have had a tremendous response and will publish our first update on some of the responses.  Here are the first series of updates on the women boxers.


Olga poses in gym - photo by Durell Wambolt

I have been a busy mom; we have a daughter that just turned two, Esther Olga, and am currently pregnant. I have three more months and will be back into training after this baby is delivered. I am still active at the HUF GYM in Mississauga ON. My sister Teresa and I are in our ninth year of hosting a Free Summer Sports Camp and are hosting a live boxing card for their last day, July 29th.

Two-Year old Esther Olga Takes Time to workout

I have been matchmaking for Angel Face mgmt. They promote amateur boxing at HUF GYM, sanctioned by Boxing Ontario. As well as co-managing the boxing team, we will be sending them to the Ringside International, and James Lights out Toney Tournaments this Aug. I have been studying and still training and am looking forward to getting back into the ring and fight game.  Lastly,  I also opened up Gladiator Gear, with my sister we run pro-shop/juicebar out of the HUF GYM.   Grace, Peace and Love be yours in abundance, Andrew Louis and Olga Rosa Heron


My boxing career flourished in 2004 and 2005 but started to go down hill in 2006. I tried to keep the dream alive by taking a few fights in 2007 and 2008 and I even got to fight at Madison Square Garden and Costa Rica! But my heart was slowly turning away from boxing and towards other goals. Let's face it-- you've gotta be 100% in it to be effective! And I wasn't.

After my successful personal training business brought me good fortune and great clients in New York city from 2006-2009, the failing economy caused even my wealthiest clients to drop off my roster. It was time to leave NYC so I moved back to my home state of Idaho, where my family lives, and settled in Boise.

Cristy gets Married.....

Shortly thereafter, I met a wonderful school teacher, who was a former rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard. We were married June 5, 2010. We bought a beautiful new home on the outskirts of Boise and live there with our 3 year old Labrador Retriever. We would like to have a baby in 2012. I love the health and fitness industry so work at several gyms in Boise teaching classes and training clients in strength, conditioning and fat loss. I also created and operate a boxing program called "Fight Night Fitness." You hear fighters say, "Well, I'm in shape but I'm not in FIGHT shape. There's a difference!" So that's what I do. I train clients the exact same way I would train for a fight. No exceptions.

I miss boxing, but I think more than that I miss being a part of an elite group of athletes such as professional female boxers. There are very few people in this world who can do what we do/have done. It's hard to go from that to "normal life." But it's also good to know when to get out of the game, too. Boxing brought me so much opportunity that put me where I am today. For that, I'm grateful beyond words.

I maintain an active website where people can follow me, read my blog, view my videos and contact me. (cristynickel.com). My business, "In your Face" Fitness has a motto: NEVER STOP TRAINING. We are always evolving and moving forward in this industry to bring people the best support possible in becoming a better version of themselves.  Cristy Code Red


(Husband sent in update)  Angelee [she boxed from 2000-2001] never had any amateur experience so she was learning on the job but she was tough--- just ask Amy Burton who you had ranked at #5 when they fought.

Angelee became pregnant and we had a son (Nikolas) on July 10, 1998.  He is 12 years old now.   I went back into the ARMY and she came with me.  An Army wife is a hard job with me deploying to Bosnia, then Egypt and 3 tours in Afghanistan and we had a second son February 13,  2005, Samuel.

While I was deployed she went back to school while raising our children to get her BA and then Masters in Elementary Education all the time working on Ft. Drum, N.Y. at School Age Services with children.

Angelee poses with Lisa "Bad News" Brown

Currently I have just PCS'd (permanently change of station)to Ft. Benning, GA. with the family.   Angelee is looking for a job in Columbus, GA, while taking care of the house and getting the kids ready for a new school.  She never strayed too far from her love of boxing and she has been to the IBHOF every year for the last 12 years the attached pictures are from 2010 at the IBHOF.  [The  pics are Lucian Bute and your own  "Bad news" Lisa Brown].


I'm still busy promoting and have about 28 male fighters now.  Also I've just filmed a part in RISEN The Howard Winstone story which is to be premiered at The WBC Convention in Cardiff on July 29 wbcnightofchampions.com

Jane Couch and Jamie Clampitt in 2007

 Then there is a gala dinner where I will be honoured along with other ex-champions in boxing.


My main job is being a mom! I have also developed a skin care line, hair care line and a signature fragrance that will be available in the Fall at Walmart, Target, CVS, Wallgreens, etc

Photo by Lori Steinhorst (fight photo by Sue Fox)

 I am also working on a music album. You can always refer to my website, LailaAli.com to get the latest updates on me, view my product line or listen to some of my music.


I've been incredibly busy since my retirement with a very unique training program for women at Decatur Boxing Club located six miles from downtown Atlanta. At DBC I lead a great boxing fitness program, I train several talented female amateurs, one undefeated professional boxer, and a few professional prospects.

Amateur boxer Mischa Mertz of Australia

I've also been very fortunate to have had several  international boxers come to train with me, including (such an honor) Mischa Merz, and I even have one with me now, Pamela Joseph, from Wales. Its very exciting to share my knowledge and experience with these female boxers, especially when they travel so far to train and hang out with me. As a female trainer I consider myself an excellent padman, taking up the awesome style of my own trainer Xavier "bad pads" Biggs. I feel very privileged.

Last summer my trainer Xavier and I had a chance to go to New Zealand to work with a boxing gym there, and I was very inspired by the huge response they had in Auckland to white collar boxing. That inspiration led me to begin my own white collar boxing series here in Atlanta, with my first show is scheduled for October 21st at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center. Atlanta Corporate Fight Night is a black tie charity boxing show where mild mannered businessmen and women step into the ring for one incredible night of sheer guts and determination, and all for a great cause. You can find more details on the website at atlantacorporatefightnight.com, though the site is still under construction. If any of those great female trainers out there have a white collar boxer who would like to box on my show, please drop me a line from the website. My amateurs are very active and recently won national and state championships, and my undefeated pro fights in August and September. I am also working with Ljeoma Egbunine, as she has become a successful promoter in Atlanta, in assisting her with her shows. She plans to begin an all-female boxing series that I'm very excited to be a part of.

I blog a lot of my activity, so if anyone cares to check it out there is a link from my website to my blog at terrimoss.com. You can also see some of my fighters and female clients on my site. I've been on a mission since 2002, first to become a world champion, second to further the cause for women's boxing, so that's where you'll find me, always between the ropes.

I've attached a few pics with some of the females I've worked with and one with Barbara Buttrick, my hero.

Terri Moss Poses with one of the most famous
Past female boxers, Barbara Buttrick

Thanks again, Sue. I really appreciate the opportunity to share what I'm doing.   Terri Moss


Biographies of these boxers are located on the Boxers Profiles segment

More to come--we have a lot of updates to post!  For women boxers who would like to be featured in this series, email WBAN!

Sue Tl Fox's Facebook profile

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