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Sue Fox Named  in the "Top Ten" Most -Significant Female Boxers of All Time - Ring Magazine - Feb. 2012


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Where are they NOW - Part III
Photo of Ava Knight
August 3, 2010
Part I  Part II  
Part III  Part IV


(AUGUST 3) In the third installment of "Where are they NOW", WBAN will publish our next set of updates on the women boxers.  As just a review, WBAN ran a story this week reaching out to the women boxers to get the latest updates on where they are right now and the latest in what they are up to!  Part I  Part II   Part III


Even though the economy has not been kind to the boxing industry lately, I am staying positive and working hard in the gym every day. I am currently working on a couple of promotional deals one of which could be the deal of a lifetime. I will confirm this with details by September, but there is good reason to be excited. I will be defending both of my lightweight titles by then (WBA and GBU) and have shifted my training into the next gear. Meanwhile, I frequently play Texas Hold-Em Poker at some big casinos in Las Vegas to suppliment my income. For inspiration, I watch "youtube" videos of great fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson and keep pushing to become better than ever. The boxing industry will bounce back and we must be ready. God Bless America and Women's Boxing!


Still in the S.F.V. personal training. Mostly weight training. I have a girlfriend that is an amateur fighter I help out now and then with her strength training. She just got third in the nation up in that Colorado meet.  I hold some mitts for clients just for fitness. Other then that I am doing very well. I do not train in the boxing anymore my body just can't handle it anymore. Mostly because of my brain surgery.   I still get nasty tension headaches very easily.  I do a lot of Scuba Diving and Harley riding now.  I forgot to mention--I am hoping to finish it early next year, a book! Started it way back when '03-'04 and then brain surgery got in the way. But I am back on track! It is all about health and fitness. I hope to promote it as "The book Personal Trainers don't want you to see!"  Can take a couch potato all the way to elite athlete. To include the plyometric, Stadium stair workouts that I used to do. It will have a small Bio separate from my boxing career related to my health issue and how I have over come them and much, much more.


Let's see....I'm still just as incredibly good looking! That's always a plus.

I'm still in school. When I started boxing, my father would only give me his blessing if I also enrolled in college. I enrolled in the Spring of 1995. With my last fight being in July of 2008, I had already enrolled in the PhD program for the Fall 2008 semester. So, despite my not boxing, since I had already started the PhD program, I stayed enrolled in school. I figure I'm just a professional student. Besides, it's going to be so cool for people to call me Dr. Wolfe.

My brother (Sebe) and I are still running our marathons. Our goal is to run one marathon in each of the fifty states. We have twenty-one marathons under our belt. By far, the prettiest run was in Honolulu, Hawaii. To keep the 26.2 miles fun, especially in the theme marathons, we occasionally dress in costumes. While running in San Diego, we wore dairy cow outfits. That worked out really well since we then had the costumes to wear during National Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. Sure; we looked strange, but me and my former corner woman (Sandy) won free chicken combos!

And, I'm working on writing a book. I've heard that writers should write about what they know best. For me, that's boxing and prison. The book will be fiction. I may draw some events in the book, such as fights, from events that may have actually happened. But even in those instances, I may dramatize or lessen any incidents that may have occurred. That's why I'm sticking with a faction genre. If anybody wants to, they can e-mail me any concerns they may have about the book. Of course, I've been trying to write this thing for years, but I never get far before something else comes along and takes my attention away from it. As of now, I've written through the rough outline. I'm currently drafting and editing.... I sure would like to finish this book sometime before I die.

Well, that's about it for me, other than it's hurricane season. Y'all say a prayer for me the next time one of those little rainstorms blows through the Gulf Coast!

Valerie Wolfe Mahfood


Well as you probably already know I'm not boxing at this time. I do miss it so Much! I had a shoulder injury and a knee injury due to my job (firefighter...22yrs) that kept me out of commission. And now, I have been suffering from a long term illness since July 28, 2009. so, I doubt I'll be back to fighting anytime soon.   Lisa Lewis


Hello Sue and WBAN,

Just wanted to give you an update as to what I have been up to in recent months. I am still the General Manager of LA BOXING in Cary, NC. We have been open since May 8th, 2008. It has truly been a blessing to work with this company over the past couple of years. I am constantly surrounded by BOXING,MMA and fitness minded individuals both competitive and non.

I am currently still training with Coach Anthony Bradley and heavyweight Pro Paul Marinaccio. I last fought on May 8th of this year scoring a 1st round KO. We are currently set to fight again on September 25th and are in negotiations to fight Carlette Ewell at the end of the year for the WIBA Lt. Heavyweight World Title.

I keep busy with running LA BOXING which also houses my amateur boxing team. In addition to that I assist Paul Marinaccio with his Jawbreaker Promotions Boxing and MMA Shows which starting this month will be a monthly series here in Raleigh, NC.

I am enjoying and loving life and am excited that FINALLY women have been accepted into the Olympics. My younger girls on the team are starting to realize that they have the opportunities that I could only dream about. That to me is amazing.

I recently attended the Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament in Florida hosted by Bonnie Canino and let me tell you she puts on an amazing event. I was inspired by the talent of every competitor. The future is bright indeed for women’s boxing.

I would just like to thank anyone and everyone especially you Sue for all of the support and love you provide for past, present and future women boxers. Without all of you none of us would be doing or able to do what we do. Also a special thank you to Mary Ann Owen for her book Extraordinary Women of The Ring!


Hi Sue,  It's Becky Garcia. I have relocated to Hollywood, California, from Phoenix,  Arizona. I have been in and out of boxing since my last fight which took place over a year ago. I have been focusing on my import/export company and completing my MBA. However, aside from wanting to relocate my company in a new market to attain more clients, one of the main reasons I moved to Hollywood is to train at Wild Card Boxing Gym. Training is good but I only have time to train if I have a fight which I've had bad luck with. Since my relocation, I've had the opportunity to work with many different trainers including Freddy Roach, Jesse Reid, Vince Phillips... It's been exciting! I recently acquired some small sponsors so I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my boxing career as I'm not getting any younger! Feel free to contact me at any time. Thanks!   Photo: Mary Ann Owen


 I currently split my time between Vancouver B.C and Los Angeles....I have a boxing club in Vancouver, I teach classes and do personal training. I am also pursuing stunt work and acting and the most recent film I worked on was the A-Team (stunts).



Carley Pesente became the owner of the New York Nemesis a women's tackle football team based in Albany, New York. The team started play in the National Women's Football League, but after that League folded the team moved to the Independent Women's Football League. The team sports a three year record of 16-8 and won the 2008 Northeast Division of the NWFA with an undefeated 8-0 season. Carley in addition to owning the team is also an integral part of the Nemesis defense playing Nose Guard. Carley also is in the process of forming a USA Hockey "B" level women's hockey team in CT with the hopes that the team will qualify for USA Nationals. Carley would love to get back into the ring if given the opportunity.


Well, after a long lay off, I have gone through a lot from losing the boxing gym, to losing my coaches and being abandoned. I have made a recent change to further my career. I moved out of Chico, California to Oakland California to work with local well known Coach Ben Bautista, coach of many good fighters. He has taken me under his wing and I feel good progress coming from this change. I have been training hard, sparring hard and working hard. We have been searching for fights but the few that we have gotten calls for have ALL fallen through or been "postponed". I am going through the same thing that I started out with and what most female fighters go through. I am looking for fights and am ready. I am walking around around 114 right now and hope to be fighting at 110-115 but will take a fight at 118 for the right time, place, and oportunity. But I am back, and I'm ready. I am hoping to get a fight soon and my manager is doing his best right now.

I would like to thank my former coach, manager, and mentor Joe Rodriguez for everything that he has done for me. I have all the respect in the world for him. If it weren't for him and his son Lou, I would not be were I am in this boxing world today. I give him credit for establishing my career and sponsoring me through my whole amateur and professional career. He spent all his time and money to make sure me, along with other kids from the gym had a future and stayed out of trouble. I know it is very hard for boxers like myself to make decisions like leaving a town to take a risk with another coach and lifestyle and it wasn't easy for me but I felt it would take my career to another level because of the situation that I was left in. This year has been very hard for me and I made a lot of bad decisions that I have had to deal with the consequences, but we all make mistakes in life that we may or may not learn from...and I have. Being a professional female athlete boxer has not been easy and it is a hard and lonely road to walk, but the victories are all worth it. I would like to thank you again Joe for everything you have done for me and know that my first world title is dedicated to you...

Team Knight

Biographies of these boxers are located on the Boxers Profiles segment

More to come--we have a lot of updates to post!  For women boxers who would like to be featured in this series, email WBAN!

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